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7. My rant

Okay, I have been trying do some things on my laptop; however, it is not working. So I am using this stupid ass phone for me to type which it is rage quit for me. So I will not do the 'The Twins of Cry' until I have my computer fixed. Fucking hell.

Anywho, I wandered why we have so many fanfics of One Direction on Movellas. I know that we have fans of themwhich I saw on your usernames. However, I am not a fan and don't like their songs. Sorry, guys, but I just don't. Maybe this site should be called the 1D fan site: FOR THE FANS WHO WANTED TO WRITE FANFIC! Well, I read one of them and I don't like it at all. The grammar were messed up and the plot is so cilche. It was about some girl was raped by the 1D. However, I didn't felt sorry for her. I am not a heartless person, but how she is made me like: Well, I don't give a shit. Only way to make me feel that way is let me get to know her more! YOU HEAR ME, AUTHOR OF THAT NOVEL!!

Also, if you going to make a rape story, be detailed while we get to know the character. And make it related to the people who got raped Well, people who are 1D fanfics writers, don't think I am hater. This is just my opinion.

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