The Stories by me

Stories that are randomly chose by me...


9. Minx x Krism One-shot

Minx was a normal teenager who enjoyed playing video games. She has purple streaks at the front and the rest of her hair was brown. She wore black shirt that has her name in purple(Purple is her favorite color) text and matching pants. She went to Farin High School in New England. She have many best friends-Cryaotic, Pewde, Ohm, Ken, etc.- who played with her in every co-op. They joked around while Minx was quiet as a traitor, waiting for her chances to kill them. She loved her friends so much even though they were guys. They were fun to play with. However, there were something deep about her.

She is a lesbian...

Minx never told her parents about it because they would put her out of their house and never love her as their daughter. They loved her to be straight girl so they will see who is her handsome boyfriend like her friends. However, she didn't like the figure of a man. She loved the figure of woman-slim, nice waist, and a nice ass. She always stared at the girls' bodies when she was in the showers at gym. Minx sometimes smiled at them before turning away when they noticed her. Also, some of them have boyfriends but most of them were single yet straight. Finally, she told her parents that she is gay. She thought they would be pissed, but they were calm about it so they let her be as she wanted be.

Then, Minx fell in love with a girl named Krism. She met her at English class in second period. Krism has a beautiful body, lovely long brown hair, nice mixed eye colors-red and brown, and a great personalities-bubbly and kind. They became friends as they played video games together. During weeks of friendship, Minx felt her heart beating faster than before. She was blushing when she was around Krism. She wanted to tell her about her feelings, but she was kinda shy that she will hate her forever. 

In two months later, Minx was ready to tell Krism the truth. She has to confess her love to her. She couldn't hold it in anymore. She hoped that she will love her back.

At Krism's house, Minx and her was playing Dungeon Crawlers. They fought against ugly ass monsters that kind of pissed them the fuck off. While walking in the dark hall-their characters are doing it, Minx was holding down a huge bulge in her throat then was ready to confess.

"Um, Krism...?" Minx said nervously.

"Yes?" Krism replied, still focus on the game.

"Can I tell you something?"


Minx sighed deeply then explained, "Krism, we were friends for months and played games with each other.."

"And with the guys." Krism interrupted.

"Yeah, them. And I love being with you," Minx continued before blushing.

Krism looked at her and smiled brightly. She then focused back on the game. Minx was disappointed for herself for not telling the truth.

"God dammit, Michelle(It is her real name). You are such a loser," Minx told herself.

Suddenly, a soft lips touched her left cheek. She was blushing madly as she was stunned. Her brown eyes was wide with suprise. She looked at Krism and noticed that she was staring at her with a smile as her eyes sparkled. She's the one that kissed her. Then, Krism's cheeks went red.

"I love you, Minx. I love you since I met you. You are the beautiful, kind, and lovely person that lay in my eyes. I don't wanted you to hate me so I kept my feelings in. I hope you are not-"

Minx kissed her to shut her up. Krism's eyes was wide but slowly closed in pleasure. She kissed her back with love and passion.

...They have a wonderful relationship.


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