The Stories by me

Stories that are randomly chose by me...


3. James and Pewdiepie: In Glady's Battle

In the world of Glady, James was walking straight to the light. He has a sword in his left hand and blue and black suit. He has a huge smirk on his face while his eyebrows were down on his eyes. He saw a man who was learning against the brick wall by the light while smoking a piper. He has a black and white suit and his hair was long and straight. James walked past him without looking at him or talking to him.


"Good luck, mate," said the man with a British accent before James walked though the light.


Then, James saw the crowd of human robots cheered for his appearance. He looked around at the people though his lenses and then saw Glados, who is the leader, and the red-haired Gwen, who is his crush. She waved at him with the white cloth and then James waved back at her while blushing. Queen Glados stood up and said, "Everyone, welcome to the battle! Our championship, James, will fight against a human to make this glorious day. Now let's bring out the challenger!"


Everyone cheered loudly as the giant doors unlocked which made a huge sound. The doors slowly opened upward to show the challenger. James put his sword in front of him while for the human to show himself. He knew what to do, and he will show the prick who's boss. When the doors finally opened completely, he saw a blonde-haired  and blue-eyed guy. He has a shirt with a brofist and blue pants. He also has green headphones around his neck. He noticed that his body was shivering in fear and who he was.


It was...Pewdie.


Pewdiepie...? Why he is the one to kill, James thought.


James's body was sweating when he saw Pewdiepie. He pulled down his sword and rubbed his blue hair.  Then, the guards pulled Pewdie who was trying to get away. They put him down toward James. Pewdie stared at him and said, "James! You are the one who will try to kill me!?"


James was shaking in fear. He couldn't believe who he is going against; Pewdie was like his older brother to him. He always did those annoying things to him like teasing him, pranking him, and  making him scare when he screams like a little girl. However, he show him some bromance like he did with his other bros. He liked him very much so he didn't wanted to kill him, but he have to for his fans.


"Then, fight!" Glados screamed before the alarm rang.


James and Pewdie stared at each other and then Pewdie screamed in the girl tone while running away. James chased after him with a worried look. He began to swing his sword side to side, but not to hurt Pewdie. Then, Pewdie started to get very scared.


"Heliga fan i det mesta!!! Halla sig barta fran min rov!!! Jag vill inte ha knulla i rumpan!!!" Pewdie yelled in Swedish.


Pewdie saw a silver, thin sword laying on the ground. He picked it up and and laughed.


"Haha! I got my a sword, motherfucker! What are you going to do now?" he chuckled.


James sighed deeply and swing at the sword. It chopped the swing in half which made Pewdie's eyes bulged. He looked at James and then ran again. James started to chase him again. Pewdie went so many weapons that can be easily break from James's huge sword. The crowd wanted for James to kill him, but he kept on letting Pewdiepie ran around like a scared crown. Queen Glados was impatient with them, but she kept on waiting for the killing like everyone else. Gwen knew what is happening. She knew that Pewdie and James were best friends since years. She shook her head and walked off without other people knowing. Finally, Pewdie stopped being scared. He stared at James was running toward him. 


"Time for Pewds to show this fucker who is the boss," he said in his badass voice. He ran toward James with his brofist move. James stared at him and then received a punch in the face. He fell down on the ground as people gasped in surprise. James touched his face and saw blood on his hand. He looked at Pewdie was running toward him. James got up and ran up to him with a fist on his side.


Finally, they fight each other as they made each other bruised and hurt. The people was cheering in amusement. Pewdie was trying to get the sword as James was trying to get him away from it. As they fight and fight, James finally got the sword and put it on his neck. James stared at Pewds's eyes with his blue eyes. Their clothes was torn and James's glasses were broken. James looked at Glados and saw her nodded her head. James stared back at Pewds who closed his eyes. He was ready for death. James shook the sword as people demanded him to kill him. However, James shook his head and screamed, "No!!!!"


Everyone stared at him including Pewds. James put the sword by his side.


"I will not kill this man! He is my friend! I know he is annoying and made me mad all the time, but he is still my best friend! If you wanted a dead body, then I will give you a dead body."


James put his sword on his body as people gasped. "Bro, you don't have to do this," Pewds said when he stood up.


"I have to...for your live..." 


Pewds shed a tear and  nodded. James stared at him and raised his sword. Beofre he stabbed him, he heard Gwen's voice.




James and Pewdie saw Gwen ran toward them. She has a white, short dress on as her bear feet touched the hot ground. She touched James's bruised face.


"Don't do that, James. I knew of you are saving your friend's life, but you don't need to take your life," Gwen said before she took the sword away from him, "You need someone else to do it."


Gwen walked toward the crowd who were staring at her. She raised the sword and then stabbed herself in the stomach. James and Pewds gasped and ran toward her. Gwen was about to fall on the ground, but was caught by the two. James stared at her eyes and said, "Gwen, why you sacrificed yourself?"


"Because friendships are important than being alone..."


Gwen told her last words to him and then closed her eyes. James nodded and got up with Pewds to see the crowd. Glados was standing up and then put her thumbs up.They were silent and then cheered for the battle. Pewds and James smiled at each other and then raised their hands up for their victory. 


Maybe friendships are important than being alone....






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