What's love really mean.

She doesn't know love he does and he'll give it to her no matter what. She's Tess quiet abused girl. He's Louis outgoing and loved boy.


2. Loves like flying.

Louis POV

I'm skateboarding down the street and I look at a house and a girl is staring at me with puffy eyes, and she's beautiful. Those puffy eyes looked so scared and innocent. I can't stop thinking about her even if I tried. As I walk into my house I can't stop smiling. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. As I walk into my half-unpacked room I stare as she sneaks out of her window and into daylight. As she walks out out onto the street she looks like she never has touched the road or seen the sky. She looks up to my window and looks at me and smiles with beautiful white teeth. She runs down the street and I run out of my house. " Where are you going?" Asked Tori Louis's mom. " To meet new people." Said Louis. "Be careful!" Yelled Tori. As I walk out the door with my hands in my jacket and I walk towards the girl with the puffy eyes. Her hair flows from the back of her hair and it waves with the wind. I try to open my mouth but nothing comes out. She turns around and sees me. Her eyes are less puffy they are blue like the ocean. " What are you doing here!" She yells. Her face turns pale but her ears turn red.

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