Why me?...



When Clara thought of a heroic save she hadn't even considered walking out into the prehistoric era. And now she knew why it was pre-historic. Of course, she already had a fair idea of what it was like a few hundred thousand years ago by reading books about it and learning things in class. Never once in her life had she considered that the Dinosaurs spoke Doctor, or rather the Doctor spoke Dinosaur (but more on that later). To her left was a dry, baking expanse of dirt and rather tall trees. No humans or normal animals, just these overly large lizards and furry creatures Clara would've thought cute if not for the size. When she looked to her right she was met with the same thing. Above her, there were distant screeches as whatever dinosaurs they were circled around and around in endless rings and a particularly harsh sun shone violently on her skin. Clara would've considered very well storming back into that damned TARDIS and slapping the Doctor (or whoever it was) except she was too angry to even register her anger. A great impairment for anyone so aggravated as Clara was at that moment. It might have been the very thing to calm her down if only her legs weren't rooted to the spot.

“Doctor!” Clara managed, her voice menacingly quiet. The man popped his head and sniffed. Carefully, poking out his tongue as if tasting the air.

“Bitter. Volcanic ash. Don't like it. Like my eyebrows! HAVE YOU SEEN MY EYEBROWS! They're so, so, so...what's the word? Fiiiieerrrccee...hmm...yes, fierce. And you, you...you...” The Doctor took a slow step back, his brow creasing, adding more lines to his aged face. “You're not looking too good either. Name? Cla- no. Handles? No. He's much better looking. So never mind.” He pushed past Clara and swayed unsteadily out into the wilderness in an almost drunken state.

Clara frowned. Though she could not say it out loud, she had an ego and the Doctor's lack of recognition really bit a sore spot. After all, she was the Impossible Girl. The Doctor's Impossible girl...right? Clara surveyed the staggering figure with the grey hair and hard eyes and concluded that this was not her Doctor. In fact, she couldn't even recognise him. In all of time and space anyone could be the Doctor except this crazy lunatic.

“FOLLOW ME!” The Stranger bellowed.

Clara blinked. No. She should probably say yes since the Doctor was usually right, but this wasn't the Doctor so...no.

“THIS IS HOW YOU SAVE US!” Clara yelled.

The man turned.

“Come, come, we mustn't delay. We must...I must...you're voice is very annoying. It's so...” He flailed around for a bit, grasping for the right word. “Why are we here? Where are we going?” He fell face forwards into the bushes.


And Clara watched on without a hint of sympathy.

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