Do you remember me?

His name is Liam, her name is Juliet. He was her arch enemy. However when he is kidnapped she tries to help him, only to be kidnapped herself. While they are confined in a room alone. Will love, trust, and passion blossom? Or will they hate each other more, and wind up killing each other?

[One Direction not famous!]
Has obscure scenes


3. Chapter 3


Sorry about the last chapter it got deleted when it was getting published. Here is the next chapter with the bit that got deleted from the last.

While his eyes gazed into my steel blue ones before snaking up and down my body, checking me out.

"Your mother wanted me to come and get you so we can swim. Come on." He grabs my arm and tried to pull me up, while doing that my lips were put on his dick with the swim suit the only thing keeping the monster dick from my mouth.

My eyes widen and I sit up and start to walk away from a smirking Liam.

Chapter 3

Liam's POV

Damn. She is sexy, her lips are on my dick for a second before her eyes widen, and she gets up. I groan softly, remembering he got as hell lips on my tip. I smirked evilly as lust took over my body and mind.

I pulled her back to me and she screamed "What the hell, Liam?!" I ignored her put her on the ground, even though there is a perfectly good bed beside me.

I spread her legs so I can see her pussy. She tried to close it as I put one finger in, but made herself even more turned on. I can see it in her eyes.

I put in a second finger and started going in and out getting her even wetter. She looked at me and struggled to say "Li-" I went faster and she yelped and her body started to vibrate with an orgasm. She takes in a deep breath "Stop Liam! Sto-" her voice came out high pitched and her back arched she was fighting it. She started to hit me, as expected.

I sighed and got off her taking my fingers out of her. I smirk even more evilly as she tried to get up only to fall back on her knees. Her face was mere centimeters from my hard dick. She took in a shaky breath and got up again staying up this time.

She stood taller and glared at me "Stop touching me Liam!" I just shrugged "Can't promise anything, let's go swim." I walk off leaving a nervous Juliet behind. I walked down the stairs confidently. When I was outside I heard her coming and tried turning on the porch lights but they were out. I walked over to the power box by the gate when I hear people behind me.

I turn around to see five guys trying to kidnap me. I put up a fight and screamed "Come and get it assholes!" My lip was bleeding and I saw Juliet come out, naked. She looked at me then the guys who were frozen staring at her sexy as hell body.

Her face got more angry and she hit the guy holding me. She was fighting them too when more came and grabbed us. We fought until they had us tied up.

Then everything went black.

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