Dark Dreams


3. 3.

I woke up. I was in my room. Aah, Saturday, how I love you so. I was meeting the girls today. Finally, no more studying for exams. I’d already packed my bag, chosen my outfit and I had decided I would get breakfast at the coffee shop so I was ready quickly. It was a quick walk to the coffee shop. I’d see the girls in half an hour at most. I said bye to my mum and left for town. I walked up our street. Caia had told me about the shortcut from my house, the second left. I had to make sure I remembered it. It was a peaceful day and it was going smoothly. I’d reached the shortcut and turned. Wait, this wasn’t it. This was a dead end. Hmm, I must have missed it. This was the third left. No matter, I would just go back. I turned round. A dark figure blocked my path, from behind it stepped out two more. They completely closed off the way back. I stepped back. I was cornered. My heart was pounding. The middle figure pulled something out. It caught the light as it moved. A knife. I stepped back further, tripping over a broken crate. I had scraped my calf, I couldn’t get up. The figure moved quickly towards me and lifted the knife up high, catching the light a final time before it plunged into the shadows, plummeting towards my body. I screamed.
I screamed as I opened my eyes. It was a nightmare. Tears ran down my face. “Grey!”, I heard someone shout. Ace ran down the stairs into the lounge. “Oh, thank goodness”, he said. I was breathing heavily. “You okay?”, he asked. I shook my head. I swung my legs round so I was sitting on the couch instead of lying down. Ace walked over and sat next to me. “Nightmare?” I nodded. He didn’t need to ask what it was about. He shifted closer to me and put his arm over my shoulders. “It’s okay”, he said.
“No, Ace, it isn’t”, I said. He was quiet. He knew I was right. Ace looked at me for a second, trying to decide something, then hugged me. I didn’t hug back but I didn’t resist. I was still tired so I shut my eyes, resting my head on Ace’s shoulder. I didn’t plan on sleeping but it was hard to keep my eyes open. Ace moved back slightly so he wasn’t hugging me anymore and he began stroking my head. It felt strange seeing as I hardly knew him but I guessed I would need to get used to it if he was going to be protecting me inevitably. I sat back up and looked at my phone. Half-four. I’d need to be at Tansy’s soon. “Need to go?”, Ace asked. I nodded.
“Soon. Is there a bathroom anywhere? I need to clean up”, I said, softly.
“Just down the hall, right at the end on the right.”
“Thanks.” I stood and walked out of the living room and down the hall. I opened the door to the bathroom. It was small and there was only a toilet and sink so I assumed there was another bathroom upstairs. I wiped under my eyes where my makeup had run and put some back on. I wasn’t bothered about whether I was wearing makeup or not now but I knew the girls would notice if I came back not wearing any. I looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes weren’t red anymore, I looked normal.
I walked back through into the lounge where Ace was. “Could you take me to Tansy’s now?”, I asked, trying to smile. “Sure”, Ace said to me. “Dad, I’m taking Grey to her friends. See you later!”, he called upstairs. I grabbed my bags and we walked out the door onto the drive. Ace unlocked the car and I got in, putting my bags in the foot-well. Ace sat in the driver’s seat and started the car as we strapped ourselves in. “Tansy lives near the coffee shop so could you just drop me there?”
“I’ll head that way but I’m not leaving you to walk on your own. You can direct me to her house once we get into town”, Ace said. I rolled my eyes eventhough he was being reasonable. We drove towards town in silence for five minutes until Ace took the wrong turn.
“Ace, town’s the other way”, I said.
“Yeah, I know. I saw police cars at the end of the road. I don’t know what happened but I’m not risking you near it. We’re going the other way.”
“Okay.” I didn’t say anything more on the way Ace was going for another two minutes when we turned down onto an alleyway. This couldn’t be right.
“Ace Calloway! Where the heck are you taking me!”, I said, raising my voice. I glared at him. Wait? Calloway? Why did I say that?
“Look, I can sense danger as well. I felt something weird. We’re staying here for a few min- Did you just say my last name?” Had I? Yes, I had.
“I- I think so. How?”
“I think you might be a Seer.”
“A what?”
“A Seer. It means you see things that other people don’t, you can read people much easier. It can make you look really strange if you don’t learn to control it. Try something else. What’s my favourite colour?” How was I supposed to know that!? I looked straight into his eyes. Everything seemed to open. I’d found it.
“Black?”, he nodded, I continued, I’d found something else, “because after your mother died, you wore nothing but black for a month. The colour became comforting for you and you could look into it and get lost. It also reminded you of night time when you went to sleep and everything would be okay again, until your dad passed the premonitions down to you. When one generation fails to save somebody or dies themselves, the power is passed to the next generation. Your dad failed to save your mum and now he never talks about her. You wish he would because it seems like he’s forgotten and doesn’t care, you think sometimes that’s true but deep down you just know he’s hurt and he blames himself. You spend most of your time in your room because it smells like your mum’s perfume, you spilled it on the carpet there when you were six. You go to sleep fearing you’ll have another premonition. You no longer like night time but the day brings danger.” I gasped. Ace had tears in his eyes. “Ace I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to go that far.” He shook his head.
“No, I shouldn’t have let you get that far. It’s alright. At least I don’t have to tell you everything. I think it’s safe now. I’ll take you to Tansy’s.” I nodded. What else could I say after that? I felt bad for being so hard on him earlier. And Calloway… I recognised that name. Adara Calloway. She was my mum’s friend when I was little. She died in a car crash, I think.
“Ace, I think I was at your mum’s funeral. My mum was friends with someone called Adara Calloway. Was that her?” Ace nodded. “I remember standing near the front, my own mum beside me, crying. Your mum was nice to me. I stood crying too. My mum told me she died in a car accident but I felt she was lying. When we were there, I thought I could see through the coffin. There was no body. I thought I was going mad.”
“No, you weren’t, and she didn’t die in a car crash. She was murdered but we didn’t want people to know. Her body disappeared. She wasn’t killed by humans. We had to pretend everything was normal. I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone anything. I was only eight. Wait wouldn’t I have remembered you if you were there though? Particularly near the front? I mean, in a room full of people dressed in black, you’d certainly stand out.”
“My mum tied my hair in a bun and made me wear a hat so I didn’t stick out. She was right for doing so. You would have thought we would have met at some point in our lifetimes. Turn left here. It’s the one at the bottom, on the right.” We were at Tansy’s. I paused for a moment. “Oh, can I tell them your name, the girls I mean, and the fact that you knew my mum? I won’t tell them about the premonition or your dad or anything, I promise.”
“Sure, you can tell them about my mum if need be. Just tell them car crash not murder, please.” He said it so matter-of-factly it seemed scary. Ace pulled up. I picked up my bags. “Ring me any time you can. Or text me and I’ll ring you, I have minutes.” I nodded. It seemed reasonable. “See you tomorrow”, he said smiling.
“Bye”, I replied. I shut the car door and walked up the drive to Tansy’s door. I knocked. The girls answered immediately.

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