Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


28. This is a Crazy Life

Joy had a vision of a multiple car wreck that was pretty much overkill adding the explosions that resulted from it. She had recognized one of the fatalities as some-one she had hit in May. It felt so long ago that her most of her 'former' family members had died, counting Carter and Oratio. Joy takes a stop to the side of the street. Her freezing hands tighten on the driver’s wheel. 

"Do you want to die?" Joy asks herself.

 A chill went down through her body. It was chillier than she currently is at the moment. Joy's hair is very much white we can tell by the street light nearby casting a good look on her. Joy looks up towards the dangling shard of crystal from the middle rear view mirror. You don't have that many people close, you know, Joy reminds herself, you have a job left. And only a few people you've acquainted.

Joy resumes driving.

Well, then again you have a friend who makes sure you’re okay.” Joy rationalizes. “Who is somewhat of a stalker.”

Joy taps her fingers on the drivers wheel.

"You'll die within a day if you do an act out of love for Loki." Joy recalls Mr Odd's warning.

David had revealed to Joy that he is Mr Odd earlier that week.She also learned in that week Thor was the one solely responsible for the deaths of Oratio and Carter. It was a terrible task to walk around knowing that one god believing in love at first sight was bent on making it harder for Joy. And then again knowing through Izzy that Shannon, the woman--who Joy had connected Loki to through using the computer and making an account for him--had been murdered by some rather unexpected muggers.

Mr Odd had placed a spell on her. Making a prime reason why not to be involved with Loki.

"He is a god after all." Joy said.  "Gods can't die.”  Loki was there when they killed Shannon, Joy thought, purposely unable to do a thing but watch.I do nott know how they were able to do that on him; on a god.  “My vision must be wrong."

The stinging image of a name line straight from a news report swept through Joy's mind. After all in three minutes the life changing event will wipe out a person earlier than they should be in this life on Earth. Joy rubs her forehead feeling nothing of a crevice but only a cold sensation from her forehead. It feels cold where-ever she goes.

“Oh screw it!” Joy said, driving faster down the lane.

She takes a sharp turn into a neighboring street that was close to Loki's current destination. Our scenery changes to ten minutes later; right into a nearly dark street that had some unique Halloween lights. Loki is seen looking down at a cell phone that had a line of text, an old text from Shannon that read ‘If you don’t come out of that house by the time I’m there, I will force you out.’ which sounded threatening when spoken out loud.

Then the phone rang showing up the words ‘Hank the immortal’ with a phone number below reading ‘359-338-3539’. There was a simple avatar of a rhino representing Hank in one solid square photograph. Why call at this time at night?, Loki thought, I have not told Hank I’ve been visiting. A thought entered Loki’s mind that perhaps Hank is a Psychic. Loki clicks on the red button of an upside down old fashioned phone. He slips the phone into his pocket and then heads into a local convenience store.

“So, Prawn.” Cece Hopskins, a rather tall teenager for her age, said  as she leans against Prawn’s chest twisting the rope that is part of his hoody into a knot. “Strawberries or grapes?”

Cece and Prawn were by a rack that had plastic boxes carrying asortments such as Strawberries, grapes, oranges, and so on.

“Grapes are boring.” Prawn said. “I pick none.”

“B-b-b-but what about strawberries?” Cece asks.

There were Halloween decorations here and there. The store owner was reading a comic book leaning against a chair chewing on bubble gum. There were hanging decorations of bats lingering in midair attached to the ceiling thanks to invisible string. Loki had an urge to eat a bag of Cheetos and get a bottle of sprite. Loki’s eyes land on a freezer that had some ‘icecream’ obvious through a see through glass door. It was too bad he could create ice and not snow. Icecream had become a painful reminder how he was yet to control the power of snow.

“Strawberries lose.” Prawn said. “They always lose.”

“On the contrary they do not.” Loki said, taking a sprite out from the freezing and cold space.

Prawn turns his head towards Loki’s direction.

“What makes you say that, Batman?” Prawn asks.

“Blackberries.” Loki said, turning away from the doors using his elbow to shut the door.

Loki was lazy enough not to use his hand to close the doors.Very lazy.

“Blackberries are black.” Prawn said.  “Black is old school.”

Loki walks forward grabbing a bag of Cheetos nearby.

“Black is a unique color that makes you twice cooler than this disgusting brown.” Loki said referring to the brown jacket that Brown is wearing. “And perhaps strawberries can get you more independent girls than a whiny chicken.”

“Whiny chicken, that’s new.” Prawn said.

“No.” Loki said.  “It is quite old. Old is better.”

“Dracula man, I am not a chicken.” Cece retorts.  “I am a fragile doe.” Cece shakes Prawn’s face back and forth. “Ain’t I, fluffy puppy?”

Loki looks at Prawn and Cece.

“I may not want to know how a chicken got itself aligned to a British bulldog.” Loki remarks, and then he swiftly walks past the two giving them basically a cold shoulder.

“Prawn, I didn’t notice you had a British accent.” Cece said.

Loki puts the sprite and the bag of Cheetos on the counter easily startling the store owner from the comic book. The Store Owner puts the book down and looks towards Loki. His eyes grew huge as he recognized Loki’s face right off the bat. The store owner gasps turning white and then fell to the side making a loud high unexpected squeak. Loki looks over the counter looking pretty confused yet somewhat concerned.  

“Did I remind you of a vampire?” Loki asks.

The Store Owner gets up taking a pen out from his comic book and held it out to Loki.

“I am a big fan.” The store owner said.

“…Fans?” Loki asks. “You don’t resemble a device to relieve one-self.”

The store owner laughs.

“I am enthusiastically devoted to your manly hot photographs.” The store owner said. “Please sign.” Loki looks down to the sprite and the bag of Cheetos. “You can take the sprite and the Cheetos for free.”

“Gladly.” Loki said, taking the pen and wrote a little note on the cover-page: ‘To my dear disturbed ‘fan’, keep falling. –God of Mischief.’

Loki then realized what he just wrote. You’re not an actual god,Loki reminds himself, your title was revoked and so was your powers until this whole ordeal is over...In a few decades. Loki checked the pen he had used to find out that it was a permanent marker to his horror. Perhaps that very line would come true someday along the road of eternity. That day wasn’t today. He wrote ‘From Loki Laufeysun’ right below that line and then handed the comic book back. The Store Owner gave the plastic bag that had the sprite and the Cheetos bag to Loki.

“You are the epic-est man alive.” The Store owner said, placing the paper on his chest.

“Epic-est is not a word.” Loki said.

Loki then departs through the convenience store doors. He walks down the street passing by a narrow built passage that bore a strong reminder to that very one back in Brazil. The one where Shannon died before his eyes in the hands of ugly horrid Midgardians dressed in black. They somehow had the Asgardian weaponary to injure Loki so he wouldn’t intervene in their supposedly just ‘thievery’ on cash. They only stole a life. And the wound he had gotten was gone within the day following Shannon’s death.

If it wasn’t for Shannon; Loki would still be in the house in Brazil. It was all because a Midgardian had taken his glove off and then got their hand frozen. She was the one who came when no one else would, and, had strongly insisted “Loki, you are the ice, you can undo it.You are one with the ice.” Even with his protests.

Loki looks down the street seeing a pond from afar.

“I should have refused.” Loki said. “I should have said no to going out. Just that night.”

Nothing about the death made sense.

Loki and Shannon wwere ice skating before her death.  It was so much fun for one night. The last fun he would have with a red headed Midgardian. The same Midgardian Fandral had mistook for a sign that Loki had fallen in love when Loki had not.Loki kicks a street rock into the road and takes out the sprite from the bag. He takes the lid off then takes a sip from the bottle feeling the refreshment travel down his throat. It felt like that often Sprite was different stores; in taste. This sprite tasted sizzly, spicy, and sweet in contrast to the Brazillian version. The same sprite Loki had brought with him when Fandral spoke with him a day before Shannon’s death.

"None of my concern." Loki said, walking away from Fandral.

Fandral stops Loki by grabbing his arm.

"What do you mean this is none of your concern?" Fandral asks. "Asgard needs someone to knock some sense into Thor!"

Loki forces Fandral to let go using his ungloved hand. Fandral took his hand back seeing it get a few ice crystals here and there in the palm. The shock on Fandral’s face was evident so was the confusion that typically followed a strange unknown power.

"Thor has his own affairs to attend as King of Asgard." Loki said, turned slightly towards Fandral.

"Sif is Thor's queen, Loki." Fandral said. "I am all that is left of the warrior's three."

Loki raises a brow.

“What?” Loki said. “You’re the last?”

“You heard me!” Fandral said. “I am the last. I told the others, they came to the same conclusion. And we had to be eliminated by one of our trustful—“

"Thor would never hurt his friends." Loki said, baffled.

"Thor gave the order." Fandral said. "And I cannot return.” He held up a key that is attached to a chain. “This is the only thing keeping me on Midgard. The only reason why Heimdall hadn’t taken me back to Asgard so Thor can finish what he started.”

“Why would Thor do that?” Loki asks. “Why?”

“Loki, Thor is not the Thor you once knew.” Fandral said.  “There has been a great change in Thor.”

Fandral wasn’t lying. He wasn’t lying a bit to Loki.

“Fandral, I am not Thor’s brother.” Loki said.

“You are Thor’s brother!” Fandral said.  “You are his brother.”

Loki sighs and then thought of ice which provoked his Frost Giant side to show. Fandral gasps stepping back startled by what he hadn’t been so familiar to. Shannon had been insisting Loki come clean to accepting who he is and where he comes from to embrace his unusual power that not many people are gifted with.

“I am a frost giant.” Loki said, stepping forward.  “Son of the very frost Giant who killed Odin.”

“Loki, please return to Asgard.” Fandral said, as Loki’s Frost Giant side went down. “Asgard needs you.”

“I am not a royal heir to Asgard.” Loki said. “I am…the heir to Jotunheim.”

“Odin took you in, why can’t you admit you’re in love?” Fandral asks.

“I am not in love, Fandral.” Loki said. “I cannot make a cat into a dog.”

“Then why is this Midgardian calling you ‘Sweet Dracula’?” Fandral asks.  “You act smitten around her.”

“We’re associates.” Loki said.  “Her name is Shannon.”

“The way you light up round this Midgardian says you’re in love.” Fandral said.  “Shannon is so…enticed into you. She’s willing to go into hell if you asked her and go to Asgard.”

“Shannon would not.” Loki said.

“You went on an escape route from some police when you stole lots of Midgardian currency in your machine.” Fandral said. “Not many women would want to be there hollering and throwing endless varieties of bags to the police.”

“She’s…very unique.” Loki remarks.

“If you’re not in love with her, then who is it?” Fandral asks, getting an alarmed Loki. “Some-one not on this Midgardian continent?” Loki didn’t seem much to talk. “Is it that Joy character?” Loki seemed much in denial. “Ah ha!”

“I’m not in love.” Loki said.

“You have the signs.” Fandral said.  “When was the last time you saw this Joy character?”

“Months ago.” Loki said.

“And you’re still quite attracted to her.” Fandral said. “I like how you’re denying it.”

“I am not denying it.” Loki said.

“I was being sarcastic, Loki.” Fandral said.  “And if I take this key off. I am dead.”

“Doubtful.” Loki said.  “You’re one of Thor’s close friends.”

“That’s what Hogun said to me.” Fandral said. “I had the…opportunity to be there when the others died.” 

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