Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


5. Somebody's hero

Joy’s dream of an event that happened 18 years ago often haunted her. She remembered being an eight year old girl running from something. But the exact reason never was brought to light. It was always night-time in the dream.Giant Helicopters were following her in this dream. Just as they always did in the irregular dream. She wasn’t wearing glasses and her eyes look weird similar to a person who’s gone blind.

 A yellow flash blinded her.

“Stop running!” She heard a yell from above.  “We want to help you.”

Scared, like any child in this frightening  situation; young Joy grabs something round and metal that bounced off small objects that went ding ding  once hitting the object then flew off in different directions. Her heart was beating faster than usual. She didn’t know where to go. Everything is incredibly blurry but the faint outlines of a door drew her attention.

She went to the door, then yanked it open and hurried in.

“She’s gone into the building!” The loud voice declared. “Move, move!”

She heard low voices in another room, when she dashed into a closet.

“Brother, are you sure we’re supposed to be here?” Came a much older and stronger voice.

“This is Midgard.” A much younger voice replied. Let’s acknowledge this voice as The Young voice. “I’m not wrong when it comes to these impromptu meetings in this realm.”

She heard footsteps headed toward the closet. There were faster danger paced footsteps from across these light calm footsteps.

“Why are you here?” The Young voice asked.

“Don’t play games with us.” A different voice said.  “We’re here to retrieve.”

“We’re not playing games.Are you playing games with us?” The Young voice asked. There is silence. “I was not aware Hogun has convinced them into wearing black is efficient in breaking and entering.”

“Nor did I.”  The Older voice replied.

“Where’s the girl?” A Different voice asked..

“What girl?” The Young and Older voices ask at once.

“The girl who just came in.” The Different voice said.

“Why are you chasing a girl?” The Young voice asked.

“This ‘she’ has a person of interest background with her father.” The Different voice replied.

There is a pause, and then the two voices bicker—in whispers--about coming to this building.

“Well.” The Young voice said, after he had an argument with the older voice. “You’re in the wrong house.”

“No.” The Different voice said.  “We’re not. She came in through the side door.”

She heard the light footstep turns towards the closed door. She grabs on to a stick; scared for her life. Young Joy closed her eyes while mentally praying that whoever is behind the door wouldn’t open it. She heard someone grip on the handle. Young Joy’s fear rises up on the Fear O’meter.

“If she’s scared of you .  .” The  Older voice began. “What does that mean to you?”

“She’ll learn we’re the good guys.” The Different voice said. “No reason to fear us.”

The grasp on the handle stops.

“Fear?” The Young voice sounds calm but a hint of rage fell out in the first letter. “The  good guys don’t make a child run away from them.” She heard guns being raised. “That’s the type of mortals who trick children!”

Young Joy heard a collective large thump from a hall across and backs away from the door.

“Start shooting!” The Different voice commanded. “Treat them as hostile—“

She didn’t hear the rest as the door flew open. There were loud clangs hitting the walls and material chipped away close to the closet. Something struck the floor creating a large thruue-uch sound that can be compared to an earthquake happening on a large scale. Some-one picked her up. Figuratively Young Joy is blind at this point without her glasses.

There were yells from outside the room.

“Hang on.” The Young voice said.  Young Joy is still holding the broom. “Let go of the broom.”

“No.” Young Joy said, scared.

“Trust me.” The Young voice said. “You won’t need it much longer.”

A hand snatched the broom out of her hand as the deafening metal clads were noisy and there was chaos when something like lightening sounds struck in the hallway. She could see a hint of beige, green, and black in her blurry vision. Young Joy squeezes her eyes shut. Then weird cloud scent entered her nose.

Young Joy sneezed into her arm.

Then the chaos came to a halt. She could feel the cold temperature in the air. Whoever was holding Young Joy had put her down on her two feet. The fear, the chaos, the sounds were still in her mind. Her hands were trembling.

“Where do you live?” The Young voice asked.

“I  .  . I.  . .I lost my glasses at the park .” Young Joy said. “I don’t live at the park. It’s ac-c-across from the candy store with a broken sign that has many holes in it.” Her legs were shaking together.  “Um  .  .Um.  .  Do-you-have a.  .  . flashlight?”

The young voice hands her a small object with a broom like handle. Young Joy felt around the top. She was shaking like a leaf.

“What should I do if  .  . . “ Young Joy starts to ask.

“Someone attacks you in the dark?” The Young voice finished for her. “Throw a hat at them, then, throw a flashlight at their face and finally, throw your shoes.”

“What if they have weapons?” Young Joy throws out another possibility.

“Oh.” The Young voice said. “Then run.”

Something—somehow—crashed on the ground.

“Brother.” The Older voice said. “We should be going before Father realizes we left .  .  .”

“Why should we care about watching horses that have fish tails and a ridiculous hair style?” The Young Voice asked. “That is the most ridiculous request we’ve been told to see. This unattended meeting was much better than that.”

“But those doubles—“ The Older voice said.

Young Joy is grasping the flashlight, tightly.

“They can last.” The Young voice interrupted. “Look, this mortal is scared. One of us has to make sure she gets home safely. Shouldn’t we make sure they don’t come after this girl again?”

The older voice groaned, as though he had been defeated by the valid argument.

“Fine, brother.” The Older voice said. “We will take the girl to her family, and then we must go home.”

“She needs her glasses.” The Young voice said. “Going home will be last.”

The two- shared a brief argument about Young Joy’s glasses. Obviously both of them didn’t have a faint clue what glasses were; they came to a solid agreement that the glasses must be a cup this girl adores to bring around everywhere she went. These individuals strange argument confused Young Joy but they had helped her. Young Joy’s blurry vision somewhat revealed the younger one turns towards her direction.

“We’ll bring you home.” The Young voice said.

That is exactly what they did. But before they did that; the two went to the park Young Joy had specifically described its location. Young Joy had a hand in telling them what glasses she had been taking about. Young Joy was given the broken glasses that didn’t show a great view—before it hadn’t been broken—as it did last time. The Young voice could tell how sad she was and he took her hand to make her feel it wasn’t exactly the end of the world.

“You’ll get a new one.” The Young voice said.

Young Joy hugs whoever has the Young voice close to her.

“Thank you.” Young Joy said.

“Father will notice by this time.” The Older voice said.  

Young Joy heard something zipped and mumbles that weren’t clear. Young Joy backs away after breaking the hug.

“Complaining is not helpful.” The Young voice noted.

The two individuals brought Young Joy to her home. She felt safe around these men—at least that’s what she understood—who were brothers. She heard a dog bark from the next door neighbor’s yard. She felt safe walking back into the familiar safe neighborhood. It felt touching her heroes did this.

The Young voice let go of her hand.

Young Joy heard something unzip.

“Brother, are you insane?” The Older voice questioned the other.

“A little bit.” The Young voice said. “What is the yellow item on the door?”

“Doorbell.” Young Joy said.  “It alerts everyone in the house someone is at the door.”

“Oooh.” Both voices said.

“Doorbells.” The Older voice said. “They would not fare well with father.”

“He doesn’t like Midgard technology.” The Young voice agreed. ”You press it.”

“No you.” The Older voice said. “It was your idea to bring her here, brother.”

She heard a ding from the doorbell being pressed on

“It’s your turn to call him.” The Young voice said, as he walks away from Young Joy.

Young Joy slightly turns around.

“I did that last time.” The Older Voice said.

“No.” The Young voice said. “I did it.”

“Bye!” Young Joy waves at them as the lights were going in the house.

“All right.” The Older voice said.  “Heimdall.”

In a blink a gigantic cloud like funnel took the two individuals away. Young Joy turns around back to the floor feeling safe and sound. She wouldn’t forget the gigantic funnel that took the two men away. She would remember them as the men in the clouds.

Present day Joy woke up. She grabs her odd pair of festive glasses and looks to the clock.

“I hate this dream.” Joy said, falling back on her bed. “Always gets me up at seven.”

We see it’s daylight outside the windows.

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