Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


13. Questions part 3: The Book

Agent Phil Coulson had lots of questions on his mind and some of them were not going to be answered. It is easy for an observer to deduce this when there’s a god of lies in a room with a agent. Not the book or the movie maker kind of agent; but the agent who is part of the federal system.

“Would you know anything about falling out of the sky?” Phil asks.  “We’ve received reports about the clouds radiating what-ever-the-hell-our-lab-techs call it." He puts a folder on the table across from the picture. "And you, of all people, were brought to the hospital on that day.”

“I didn’t hear what day you’re talking about.” Loki noted

“Monday 9th.” Phil said.  Phil taps his fingers on the table in a manner not usually seen on Television. “I find it strange you survived a car crash.” Loki's face changed to a 'how would you know?' kind of face.  “We’re the good guys; S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Loki frowns.

“Eighteen years ago a Midgardian made the exact claim.” Loki said, flipping over the paper.  “And I am not convinced.”

 “Specific.” Phil notes. “So you are the god of mischief—“

“Was.” Loki sharply corrects Phil.

Phil could tell by the ink on Loki’s hand that he had been drawing. Phil glances away from the inked hand. He looks down to the drawing with a man similar to a figure straight out a book from a Norwegian culture. The similarities were very remarkable.

“Ever heard of Mr.Odd?” Phil asks. 

Loki frowns.

“That Midgardian.” Loki said with much angst. “That midgardian who ddn’t come for his meeting.” He had this hateful tone to it. “I am not acquainted with him.”

“Well, you should be.” Phil said.

“Why?”  Loki asks.

“He’s one of you.” Phil said, waving his hand at the ceiling.

“Be specific.” Loki said with a frown.  “Which one?” It seemed as though Phil Coulson had lost some brain cells.  "Don't play games with me.'

“.  .  . You can't be pulling a trick question.” Phil said. “There’s only one elite powerful long-living group of individuals who are respected as gods in The Norse Culture.” Phil taps on the table. “And we know there are demigods among us."

Loki laughs. He could not fathom the idea that Demigods had gone under his nose.

“There can’t be demigods just running around Midgard.” Loki said. “I would know.”

“Why?” Phil asks.

“Mischief.” Loki said.

“Speak in English.”  Phil said.

“More gods to trick.” Loki said, lifting his head up.  “You think gods cannot tell when a mortal is lying?" Loki tilts his head slightly. "I am the god of lies and mischief," Loki slides his index finger forward on the table and straightened his head. "And you are a bad liar.”

You can't lie in front of a god who's actually lived up to 'lying'.

“There’s one demigod we know of.” Phil said.   “Anyhow.” Phil played with his thumbs. Phil lifts his head up toward Loki.  “He’s an Asgardian.” No,Loki thought, he’s a Midgardian.  “Not a human like us and he, well, stole something very valuable to us."

“So valuable you come for me?” Loki asks, leaning back in his chair. 

"You are acquainted with him." Phil said.

"He's a Midgardian.” Loki said. "I am not acquainted with a dead Midgardian. Besides, that was years ago.I do not like it when someone is trying to trick me.” Apparently being in Midgard hasn’t changed Loki’s attitude about various things. "Mortals are like a blink on the radar; they are a giant supernova until they die away. They're like stars, only around for a limited time."

If guessing could work; one can say Loki learned this long time ago with a childhood friend.

“It would be silly to fall in love with a Mortal.” Loki remarks. “Very silly.”

"Mr.Odd is an Asgardian." Phil insists.  "We have information dating his arrival in 1962.”

“And he has a grandson who resembles him.” Loki finshed. “There’s always an reasonable explanation for wild conspiracys.”

“He hasn't aged, he doesn't drink blood, and our bullets cannot hit him." Phil pulls out a black and white picture of a man in unusual clothing. “Pretty sure he’s from Asgard. We’re sure Mr.Odd is not Superman.”

Loki had been tricked by a mere Asgardian; impressive.

"I am not sure if your stupidity precedes you." Loki said, with one finger on the table.  "But you've paid no attention to 'was'.” He takes his finger off the table. “I don’t have powers.”

“Mr.Laufeyson.” Phil said. “We are aware you have abilities.” Loki has this sarcastic smile aimed at the agent.  “Most can be best compared to our first avenger, yet more superhuman.”

Loki laughs.

“You have no proof to go on.”  Loki said.  “And I am not helping.”

“Okay,” Phil said leaning back with an eerie but confident smile.  “That’s all we came to hear.”

“You’re a awful liar.” Loki said.

“Go, just go.” Phil said. “Or else we’ll be having a sarcasm-fest wasting time.”

.  . . 12:40 PM  . . .

 . . . After a couple number of employee’s.  .  .

Joy sat there, confused. She had been recently asked to do something that Loki should have been requested for. It was something clearly and obviously not in her range of side-tasks.Joy squints her eyes at Agent Coulson. Could she have been sure this is really going on? Could she be sure this isn’t a dream and it isn’t all a coma? Oh boy there were lots of questions spinning in her mind.

“What?” Joy asks, as her eyes stopped squint.  “What again?”

“We need your help to retrieve a book.” Phil said. “Leather bound, old, and worn out book.”

“A . . . Book?” Joy asks.

Phil nods.

“Yes, a book.” Phil puts his hands together. “It has everything that is known to man how to make a superhuman.” Phil goes on as we can see a  ‘You’re nuts’ look on Joy’s face. “This may sound completely absurd and very odd; but, your country needs some help.”

“I won’t help.” Joy said and then notes on his physical features. “You are stunning,” We get a ‘no need to comment on my looks’ reply from Phil as Joy shook her hand. “But you need someone else who’s very nationalistic and feeling proud for their country.” Joy twists one of her hair’s short strands into a twisted mess.  “At this point my faith in this nation is wavering.”

Phil turns over the picture that Loki had drawn on.

“If I said we can speed up your DNA testing; would you say the opposite?”  Phil asks.  

Joy folds her arms on top of another.

“No.” Joy replied with an attitude.

“Are you and Mr.Laufeyson connected by some machine?” Phil asks, leaning to his right. His eyebrows were raised and his looks didn’t really help with the question that compared the two’s answers.

“No.” Joy said.

“How about if we asked your brother Carter?” Phil asks, as he straightens himself.

Joy’s face became pale.

“We’re on the same page.” Phil acknowledges.

“He’s a truck driver!” Joy exclaims. “He’s not a damn soldier.” She grits her teeth together a bit mad. “That would be Jake.” She stops gritting her teeth together. “You give me directions; I will retrieve this book on Thursday.” Joy taps on her left hand’s palm.  “That is my condition.”

_________                           ______________                                   _______

. .  . 1:52 PM .  . .

.  . . Near the water cooler  .  .  . 

Loki had told Joy he was part of the office play as well. Perhaps Wednesday could be her dreaded day to date. Of course the building this office play was going to be presented in was long, huge, wide, and theateratical furniture and cameras. It seemed way too good to be true this is how Floor 19 did its office plays in style. It seemed like they were making a mocking movie; only different from the original.

“You  .  .  . what?” Joy said, point blank.

“I’ve recently tried giving ‘acting’ a shot.” Loki replied.

“He’s playing Aurora’s father!” Hank bluntly said.  “I mean, his acting, like come on. That’s the best acting I have ever seen from someone who’s supposed to be a god.” He winks at Loki’s direction. “You’ll do such a fine job acting with him.”

“Didn’t it ever occur to you  Loki’s so good at it because he’s done it for so long?” Joy asks.

“Yes.” Hank said. “And we’re ready to see how your conflicting characters turn out.”

Joy groans and rubs her forehead.

“My character is paranoid.” Loki said.  “It should be easier than breaking into a unlocked house.”

Loki walks away from the water cooler with a still full cup.

“He’s getting good at these metaphors.” Joy remarks.

“Loki’s good at playing Halo.” Hank said.

Joy turns her head to Hank.

“Really?” Joy asks.

“He’s beat David a couple times.” Hank said.  “And I heard Loki’s going out on a ‘business’ date.”

“Cool.” Joy said with glee in her eyes.  “Just what this floor needs.”

“Loki and his so called ‘business friend’ kissing?” Hank asks, clueless.

“Yeeessss!” Joy said, like a snake.

“Joy, can I advise you to stop trying to mock Lord Voldemort?” Hank asks.  “Because you’re getting awkward. Come on you are not an awkward woman in her twenties that has a stash of Lion King toys in her closet, a counter full of glasses,hidden paintings, and a secret that shouldn’t be told.”

Joy narrows her eyes at Hank.

“Give me names.” Joy said.

“Names for Donner, Blitzen, and Cupid?” Hank asks, as Loki was out of sight.

“No, stupid.” Joy said. “Give me the names who told you I had Lion King Toys!”

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