Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


15. Acting can be improvised

There were some scenes in the office play that Loki could tell were improvised by Joy and a few of the other members. Loki’s scenes were on the other hand not that much improvised.  Hank seems very intrigued by the office play. We can see Tara in the front row with a crumbled up brochure showing Hawaii by the looks of it.

“Is he  .  . .flying?” Loki asks a co-worker, unsure about the scene where a young man—playing Philips role---was pretending to be asleep and levitating above Joy in mid-air.

“No.” Conner Welsh, another co-worker, reassures Loki.  “It’s the invisible string doing what it is meant to do.”

Loki turns his head towards Conner.

“Tell me, when you buy invisible string, how can your eyes see it?” Loki asks.

“It’s in a wrapped container.” Conner said.

“In a wrapped container.” Loki said.  “So it’s specifically marked, with wraps.”

“No.” Conner said, with a shake of his head.  “It is wrapped around a balloon handle that is bigger and placed in a plastic case that is hard to open.”

“But how can you see the string?” Loki asks. 

“It’s colored.” Conner said. “And the color goes away when you put it in the light.”

Loki rubs his chin.

“There’s a one problem with your ‘solution’.” Loki said, pointing above the floating man. “He is flying. And there is not a thread dangling from his pantleg.” Conner seems puzzled.  “Do you see anyone standing above the stage?”

“No.” Conner said.

“Then how can you see invisible string?” Loki asks.

“In the light.” Conner said.  “When there is bright light you can see it. It’s like the R.L Stine’s books made into a short movie.”

“R.L. Stine.” Loki said. “I remember him.”

Conner’s eyes shine.

“Cool.” Conner said.  “So I guess you must be a goosebumps fan.”

Loki shook his hand both ways.

“No, mortal.” Loki said. “Many years ago; I was after a machine that trapped mortals and immortals in photos. I only came across him during one of my visits.” Conner looks at Loki oddly. “It took some persuasion for R.L.Stine to give the machine.”

“You must have been high back then.” Conner remarks.

“Glorious days.” Loki said, fondly. Conner’s face turns into a  ‘How are you silver?’ kind of reaction. “I had to show R.L.Stine what the machine could do, on an unsuspecting store owner.” Loki lowers his hand. “It was only then he understood its power.”

“Uh, you know its only fiction.” Conner reminds him.

“The grandfather clock isn’t.” Loki said.

“W-w-w-h-what?” Conner said, thrown off guard.

“You can get rid of anyone in your family tree on it.” Loki notes. “Like they never existed.” Conner is gaping from the information being spilled.“Thor retrieved that one.” Loki turns his head away from the young man. “Asgard has a secret storage for all the forbidden items.”

Conner walks  away from Loki to backstage.  

Our scene travels up to Asgard where we see Thor standing at the balcony watching this play.The look in his eyes were something not that ‘heroistic’. It was dark and motivated with greed you wouldn’t have seen in a hero version of Thor.He  raises his hand upwards towards a specific star that gifts him the ability to see what is going on with Loki.A strand of golden like flames surge from around his arm towards this star.

“Let  his Frost Giant half  be dominant.” Thor said. “And see the monster he is.”

The golden flames disappear from his arm towards this star.The golden colors are seen twirling in circles similar to smoke as they draw down towards Loki. Hank’s attention is caught off guard by the unusual golden-orange awe looking sight. Hank has one hand on his chin as the fog like apparition went through Loki’s back.

For a minute there; Loki’s face turns blue with these odd black markings, and then returned to normal.

“Did you see what I just saw?” Hank whispers to David.

“Honey, I’m enjoying the play.” David said.

Hank turns his attention to Loki, who is at the back where most people didn’t pay attention, as a worry began to nag him.  Was this a trick or a spell?, Hank asks himself, it’s a real life hocus pocus all over again. Several minutes pass when Hank was worrying about this odd event.

This time we find our scene at the part where Stefan and Maleficent face each other—in the movie, that is—on top of a tower with a wide solid floor. Everyone was so engrossed into the play that no one noticed Loki’s icicle sword was real. Everyone except for Hank that is; he noticed the ice on the fake sword.

Loki’s icicle sword stabbed through Joy’s heart. It was barely noticeable that blood didn’t come trickling out. It was as though the stab wound was oddly smaller than what one would expect from a sword. Remember, swords leave a relatively big sized wound. Also that swords are not sharpened pencils. 

“It’s over.” Joy said, taking the sword out as though it didn’t hurt.

Her eyes winced. Wait, this isn’t in the script, Loki realized.

What little did Joy know; her heart was beginning to get frozen. Little by little that went unnoticed in Joy’s body. The play went on smoothly for the last part of the act. Loki could tell Hank was worried about something. And Loki himself was concerned about how in Midgard his sword had grown ice.Joy didn’t have a bleeding wound nor did her costume show a tear in it. It was so evidence-less that the stabbing could have not happened.

“Hey Mischief man!” Hank calls out to Loki, coming to him.

Loki was about to leave.

“What is it now?” Loki asks, turning to his right.

“I saw what happened.”  Hank said.

“The last part in the play was improvised.” Loki said. “I didn’t have invisible string, that was all Joy.”

“I don’t know if what my eyes had seen were real or not.” Hank said. “But I  saw this golden orange gas like cloud go into you and then it was so strange.” He gets a raised eyebrow from Loki.  “Next thing I know is your sword grew ice.”

Loki could tell that Hank was telling the truth.

“Honey, we’re not missing America’s Funniest Videos.” David said.

“You must have been dreaming it.” Loki said in a convincing way.  “Go home, and catch up on some sleep.”

 “There’s something odd going on, and it isn’t because you’re a god.” Hank tells Loki.

Hank and David leave the building as Loki says ‘It is always odd to Midgardians’ to himself. Joy and the other co-workers came out the dressing room with long sleeved jackets on. Apparently tonight’s weather was not going to be the hot and comfortable kind. But Joy’s long gray coat that was buttoned up by small brown items,her jeans could have been mistakened as tights, and her shoes matched her attire perfectly. Joy looks so casual in this winter fit clothing.

Joy looks cute, even to the god of Mischief.

“I heard you’re going on a date.” Joy said.

“Business meeting.” Loki corrects her.

“Loki’s going out on a date!” The other co-worker’s said it like a cheer as they were headed out. They were almost like a swarm. “Loki and his girlfriend sitting on a park bench with roses growing around them, K-i-s-s-i-n-g.”

“I know how to spell ‘Kissing’.” Loki said.

The others laughed as they left the building.

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