A beautiful vampire

This story is going to blow your mind. It's about a lonely guy named Jake Sanchez who went to a academy where monster and human go and they get along. Jake thought he was going to be late for the first day of classes then he bumped into a vampire princess who a powerful gift.


3. Rumors

The Boss had disappeared after I killed his boys then I collapsed from pushing myself but Rob caught me and took me to my room.The girls were jealous because Rob was caring me instead of them. The next day, there were rumors about me like "Maria has been sleeping around" or "Maria is a slut", I went to Haley who started to spread these lies about me. I said "Haley, you need to stop these rumors now!" Haley said " Or what!" So, I punched Haley in the face then a teacher saw a group of kids that were surrounding us. The teacher went to get the principal and broke us up and told me to walk away and Haley was about to go after me but she didn't, then the principal send her to the office. Then I started to cry then Rob came up to me and slapped me, my brother, Zero grabbed his hand and said "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Rob said " Her sister that's what's wrong!" Then I ran out of the hallway and ran to my room and started to pack my bags then a group of girl started to jump me. Then Yuki came in my room to the group of girls out of my room.

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