The Other Side

Gaston , an 18 year old lad dies a tragic death and finds himself in a place of lost souls. No not hell ,not even heaven but the other side. He meets Arabella there,an angel who helps him complete his important task before he can cross the other side.

But what if they fall in love ?

What if an angel and a lost soul develop a deep emotion which is stronger then anything else in this world that is called love ?

Read on to find out more.


5. Chapter 4

"So, I have to go to the real world now ?" I questioned, not getting a thing in my mind. 

"Babe this is the real world, the world in which you lived is the human world. And yes, you have to go there. Don't worry, nobody can see you and you can pass through things which means, nothing or no one can feel you. Although, they will have an eery, creepy  feeling if you go too much near them. Human senses are not that dumb. Try not to make any sounds. And I will be there with you" Ambriel explained cautiously. Well, she will be there for me so no need to worry. 

"I am quite scared to go. I am sure most of my friends there would be sad, crying. Maybe even depressed ! And oh how could I forget my family ? I bet they have left the work and now are at our house mourning.!" I assured myself  .I knew they all were remembering me. 

"You assume things too easily Gaston. Let's just go and see how things are there, yeah ?" She asked me sweetly and I nodded. In a blink of an eye, as soon as I nodded we were in a whole different place. 

I won't say an unknown place. Because I knew it too well. It was my house. Our mansion. The whitlock's mansion. I looked at the beauty besides me and she raised her eyebrow to ask whether I was ready or not. I closed my eyes for a moment and soon opened them. Gazing at Ambriel, I gave a sharp nod. And we walking through the gates of my house. Never would I have ever imagined this, but we walked straight through it. I did not feel a thing. 

This was so cool ! The perks of being a ghost. I smiled smugly as the familiar hallway came into my view. No voices were heard. Everything dead silent. I wondered where my parents were. I expected to hear voices of crying, shouting and what not. But instead, this lonely silence welcomed me into my house. Just like it did when my parents were away at work. A sudden movement caught my attention. 

Ambriel pointed towards the kitchen. 

"I feel someone. Let's go there" She said in a stern voice. We made our way to the kitchen and there in front of me, was our maid Brienta. Who had been serving us for more than twenty years, and who was like my mother when my own mother was away doing fashion shows and partying. A photo was in her hand, and tears were leaking through her eyes which had little wrinkles at their side. Curiously I looked over and took a small peak at the photo. 

I saw a small 8 year old boy, with little blonde hair and a silly smile. On a bicycle with a women in her late twenties by his side. Recognition dawned upon me, and I knew it in an instant that it was me and Brienta. The day I finally learned how to ride a cycle. 

My gaze fell on Brienta, who took a last final sob before puting away the photo in a drawer and returning back to work. Cooking, what used to be my favorite, chocolate chip cookies. 

I wanted to at least let out a tear, but nothing could come out of my eyes. But I knew for a fact that I had a sorroful, downhearted expression on my face. A tap on my shoulder was what shook me out of my thoughts as I looked back at Ambriel. Who gave a sad sympathetic smile. 

Atleast someone was mourning for me. I can't believe my own parents are just back to work. Like that, when it's only been a few days since my death. So ridiculous. 

"Let's go." Ambriel coo'ed. 

"Wait a minute" I said. I walked over to Brienta, who was preparing the cookie dough. I smiled and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. She abruptly stopped what she was doing, and looked here and there. I quickly created some disance between us. Her hand flew to her cheek, and she had a confused expression on. I chuckled, as she resumed her work. 

Turning around, I saw Ambriel's face in awe. 

"Well, that was just sweet. It's a shame your parents are not mourning over you. How can they not miss you at all ?" She asked with a bit shock. My smile turned into a scowl at the mention of my parents. But someone in my heart, which stopped beating, I had a little flutter when she complimented me. 

Cheesy shit. You are not in a chick flick dude. 

You just ruined the mood here man. I was being deep. 

You will become a cheesy cliche idiot  only over my dead body ! 

Guess what ? We both are already dead, dumbshit. 

"Can we go somewhere else now ?" I asked with a hint of annoyance, pulling myself out of my irritating mind battles. 

"Yeah, our next stop is your highschool" She replied with a smirk. My scowl then immediately returned into a smile. 

"Finally ! I can't wait to go there and see how much all the people miss my presence" I boasted proudly.

"Like I said, you assume too much. Keep your calm." She calmly said and held out her hand.. I raised my eyebrow at her. 

"We are not going to walk there, are we ? Nor are we, the ghosts in this human world going to drive your car. Come on, give me your hand" She demanded. I slowly held her hand and something fluttered again in my non existant heart. 

"I forgot to tell you two things. One, you don't have this power to transport. I do. And second, when you are a soul, all of your emotions are heightened. Anger," She stated and then I realized the cause of my flutterings. 

The damn ghost hormones ! 

"Fine, fine. Now do your transporting thing. This all is so weird shit." I blurted and she glared at me. And then, probably in a nano second, I was at the entrance of our school. My high school. 

And it was NOT AT ALL how I expected it to be. 

Lana and Bryce got out of the porche that once me and Bryce used to get out of. They were the centre of attention. Josh, Jade and Derek were behind them. They all were talking cheerfully, laughing, teasing and smiling. No trace of sadness, or worry on their faces. Other students were admiring them. It was all normal. 

It was all like I never existed..

"They are not...sad. They are not...missing me. Hell, no one is even speaking out my name !" I spoke out furiously and the angel besides me sigh'ed. 

"You mattered to them when you were alive. Now that you are dead, they have resumed their normal routine excluding you out of it. May be they were sad, but they have to move on. Don't blame them" She scolded and I looked at her bothersomed. 

"Okay. Maybe the "moving on" thing was expected from the other guys and girls because I hardly knew them ! But what about my group of friends ? My BEST friends ?" I asked again. 

"I don't know. How do you expect me to know what's going on in YOUR circle of friends. Maybe you were just there for them for popularity, money, etc. Maybe they never cared for you" She smirked and I glared at her. I am starting to disllike her. Which is very rare because I NEVER hate a girl. No matter how she looks or talks. 

"Shut up" I said with a blank expression. 

"Whatever" She rolled her eyes.


We made our way into the school and I was just showing her the ways. 

"So this is how today's schools are ? Its been so long since I have been to one. And boy, they have changed so much" Ambriel said with amazement as she  peered into the other rooms. 

"Yeah. I guess. Soon, it will be lunch time. I just want to hear what they talk about" I declared and she nodded.

"You do know what internet, parties, celebrities are right ?" I asked, fearing that she might not know about some of the basic things in today's generation. 

'I am not that old school ! Of course, I know about them. Before you, I served to other souls too" She said and I became embarrased. 

After a few minutes, I heard the familiar ring of bell and hallways were crowded in a few seconds. People were pushing each other and making there way to the cafeteria. We both went there too. 

"That's where I used to sit. Let's go there" I spoke out and we both walked to the table. 

"Bryce, babe come on get over that Gaston's death ! It's been days and now no one cares. I know you liked me before !  I want to be your girlfriend. " Lana wailed out and frowned. If looks could kill, she would be 6 feet under the ground right now. I was glaring at her that badly. But this was expected from her. I knew she was a bitch/slut so it's not a new thing to me. However I wanted to see what Bryce would say. i curiously stared at him. It's like he sensed it and he gazed around. I shifted uncomfortably and created a bit of distance between us. 

"Shut up Lana. I am Gaston's best friend. Even if he is no more, I can't betray him like that. I STILL CARE. He stopped liking you the day you turned into a bitch. And I did too. So go and find another toy to play with. But spare me" Bryce spoke and everyone was in a state of shock. Lana huffed. 

"Your loss, asshole" She said and struted away from the table.

"What a loser !" Derek said and we all laughed. 

"You rejected her nicely Bryce ! I am sure somewhere from above, Gaston is watching you and is proud of you" Jade said sweetly and I chuckled. Only if she knew I was just centimeters away from her. Bryce smiled sadly. Josh had a pitiful look on his face too. 

As much as I hated pity and sympathy, I still felt happy that somewhere in their heart, they did care for me. 

And then, in a flash I was out of my high school.

"So,now that we saw that amazing drama back in your high school and you have seen how much everyone misses you,  let's head back to our place ?" She grinned at me nonchalantly. 

"What do you mean by "our" place ?" I asked at her and smirked. 

"Only we both are the ones in, what you describe that as the "Misty forest", so I guess it is ours" She smiled. 

"Alright. Let's head back already. But can we come here again. What if the murderor is in our high school ? I don't trust anyone" I said. 

"We can come here any time. But I think today was enough for you. Let's come back here later" She said and I nodded. As soon as we were about to disappear, I yelled out a "Wait !" 

"What ?" 

"We are invisible right ?" I asked 

"Uh, yeah of course we are" She replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which it was. 

"So, do you think maybe once I can get a glimpse of Selena Gomez and Megan Fox ? I kinda want to see then naked" I stuck out my tongue and looked at her innocently. 

"We are going now, pervert !" She yelled out and then we were, in a second, back to "our" place. 


How was this update ? :). Anyways, thanks for reading it ! 




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