The Other Side

Gaston , an 18 year old lad dies a tragic death and finds himself in a place of lost souls. No not hell ,not even heaven but the other side. He meets Arabella there,an angel who helps him complete his important task before he can cross the other side.

But what if they fall in love ?

What if an angel and a lost soul develop a deep emotion which is stronger then anything else in this world that is called love ?

Read on to find out more.


4. Chapter 3

It felt as if  I had woken up after a long slumber. The feeling was so unreal. This was like being back from dead. I couldn't feel myself anymore. I felt far away from a human. My eyes opened up unhurriedly, and soon took in the scene before them. 


A very misty place. Ghostly misty place. Last thing I could remember was me being dead. So shouldn't I wake up in heaven or hell ? Or maybe a white place ? How did I end up here in this ... forest ? Well there are trees.. I never knew because I am non-living and trees are living so how the hell they are here right now. I have never been this confused in my entire life. 

Now that I see this place, I see  a thick blanket of swirling mist snaking in and out of the trees trunks and connecting them like a maze. It was so thick that it couldn't be seen through at any distance no matter how close but resembled a mass of steam that clung to the very air. A shrouded white glow drifted at the feet of the ancient trees, branches stretching as if to save themselves from drowning in this sea of mist. 

I had never seen a place like this let alone be here. I took a look at myself. A benoit blue button down shirt, black skinny jeans, and some vans. But what really grabbed my attention was that these were almost transparent. Not only my clothes, but my whole self. You could almost see through me. I felt really light weight. This felt so abnormal. 

I guess this solved my every mystery ? What really happens after death. You feel like some creepy voodoo shit. No heaven, no hell. All myths were untrue. 

As I continue to observe my surroundings, I feel a gentle tap on my shoulder. Terrified, I turn around and see a person. 


Her hair was a rich shade of golden. It flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like, milky white skin. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were a dazzling chocolate brown color and seemed to brighten the world. A straight nose, full kissable cherry lips - she seemed the picture of perfection. Had she smiled, the world would sigh with contentment. Had she laughed, the world would laugh with her. And had she wept, the whole world would want to comfort her. 

She was wearing a white dress which came till her knees with a gold braided belt  

And that's when I saw that I could look through her too. I could see the mist through her. She was exactly like me. I then used this opportunity to get to know about this situation more better. 

"Where am I ?" I asked with hesitence. My voice was raspy and cracked a bit. Probably because I spoke after a long time. 

"The other side..." I heard her sweet angelic voice.She trailed off as if she didn't want to scare me with more details. 

"The other side of earth ?" I asked with my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Maybe I am okay ? Maybe this is some rare place on earth and I am alive. Okay, even I know that's not true.

"The other side of ... death" She finally said as she confirmed my thoughts which were going through my mind earlier. She grinned at me and I couldn't really figure out anything. 

"D-death ?" I asked, not really catching a word she said. I was surely lost and a bit horrified. 

"Death." She confirmed. 

"This..I..Oh my god..You" I couldn't speak out anything. My throat was dry and I was at loss of words. 

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it" She said politely, trying to comfort me. 

"Let me explain you. Let's take a walk, shall we ?" She smiled at me a toothy smile and held out her hand. I hesitently took them in mine and we started walking. This place looked never ending and I don't even know how we were walking through a mist where we couldn't even see anything. 

"Okay. I get it that I am dead. So why am I not in heaven or hell ? How can I touch you ? How can I not fly and have those super powers that all the ghosts have ? Uhm, what is this place. And who are you ?" I fired the questions at her all at once and she laughed. Her laugh sounded like a beautiful melody to my ears. 

"Calm down. I will tell you everything. First a fall, you are in between. You are neither on the good side. Nor on the bad. Yes, they do exist. We just haven't named them "heaven" and "hell". You can feel and touch me because we both are spirits. However you cannot touch a man. Even I don't have those super powers. That's just some cliche stupid myth created by humans. We are invisible and we can pass through anything. Those are the only thing we can do" She explained to me.

I hope this was a dream, this all is so fucking weird. But if I look at it from a positive side, I am really getting to know about the mysteries that living would never know.

"This place is like I said the in between. The other side of life. Not many people are here. Most of them go straight to either the good side, or the bad side. Rare ones are the ones who get the chance to get stuck in the between. You are unfortunately the one. I am the one who will take you to the good or bad side. But first tell me, what is your unfinished business ?" She asked me with curiosity. Her features were sharp and I could see she wanted to help me. This information which she told me was still settling into my mind. Now atleast I am not completely clueless.

"I have no unfinished business as far as I remember" I said with my brows furrowed. What business ? 

"Come on. Think about it. Think about your previous life." She encouraged me on. I wanted to leave this all and go back to my house.This is not the place for me. I thought about my 'previous' life. My parents were good, my friends were good, I had money. Our business was going good. I don't think I had someone who hated me enough to murder me in the middle of an alleyway. 

Murder me in the middle of an alleway ! 

"I think I know my task. I did not die of any disease or an accident. I was murdered. I am sure. In an alleyway. By someone whom I don't know." I admitted. Her facial expession relaxed and she had a poker face on now. 

"Well, okay I'll help you figure something out. Your task is probably to find your murderor. Probably" She added with an alert and a serious face. 

"Oh okay. By the way, now that we will have each other's company for a while. I must tell you my name. I am Gaston. And I am 18 years old. " I said confidently, my proud demeanor returning into me. I am sure she will melt into a puddle right now by my hotness. Like all the girls used to do back in high school and middle school.

"Tone down the arrogance a bit ?" She smirked and my eyes widened. Nobody had said that to me. Ever. I don't have any arrogance ! I am just confident and proud of myself. I scoffed. 

"I shall introduce myself. Angels and devils here know me by the name Ambriel. I am the angel of communications. I guide the lost souls to their destinations. I am around 40,000 years old ? But I am stuck at the age of nineteen" She introduced herself. Her name was quite unique and so was the was she spoke. I found it quite hilarious how she said she was 40,000 years old pleasedly. 

"So you are one year older than me ? As in the age we both will be stuck in. That's interesting. I usually go for older girls" I winked at her. After all, she was hot.

"I am not a girl. I am a spirit. And you might do this on earth, but no flirting allowed in here sweetheart. Sorry" She smirked and winked. 

"I got rejected more times in these few minutes than I ever got in my past life" Realization dawned upon me. She chuckled. 

"Well there will be many different things here. Everything will be different." She continued. 

"By the way, if you prefer, you can call me Amber. Most of the souls I have met have called me that. It's easy for them to say and it's shorter.." She informed with a sad smile. 

"No, Ambriel is good for me. Why let such a beautiful name go to waste ? It's perfect" I said with a genine smile and she gave shy smile. I expected her to blush, but I don't think they can do that....

"One more thing Gaston" She said and the way my name sounded from her lips was so effective that I wanted only her to call me out. 

"Yeah ?" I asked somewhat in the trance of this angel. 

"This is jus the beginning. There are many more things to come. Unexpected, unplotted things" She forewarned. 

I didn't knew whether to be glad or sad at what she said. 

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This is Ambriel           



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