The Other Side

Gaston , an 18 year old lad dies a tragic death and finds himself in a place of lost souls. No not hell ,not even heaven but the other side. He meets Arabella there,an angel who helps him complete his important task before he can cross the other side.

But what if they fall in love ?

What if an angel and a lost soul develop a deep emotion which is stronger then anything else in this world that is called love ?

Read on to find out more.


3. Chapter 2


"Brenta I am going somewhere" I called out to our maid in our mansion. Of course, mum and dad weren't home. Only me and Brenta, our old maid who was now in her forties.

"Okay Mr Whitlock. Be back soon and be safe please" Brenta called out politely and I gave a small smile as I made my way out of the mansion. The guards outside gave a little salute and I rolled my eyes. I turned my phone on and looked at the text message which Charlotte sent me telling me the directions to her house.

I had exchanged our numbers today in school so that we could text. She was literally crying happy tears when I saved my number in her phone.

 I started walking and decided not to take the car. Everything was silent and dark.

"Okay I got this" I murmered while walking through the streets aimlessly. Go straight, then take a left turn and then go through a small alley. In the front, their's the house ! Finally got it.

Fuck this. That Charlotte girl had texted me the address to her house for the little "hangout" .I am just going there to have some fun. I know that Lana also does a lot of "fun" behind my back. But what's the point of breaking up with her because of this ? Might as well myself have some fun.

 But when this Lottie chic texted me her address, it seemed really suspicious. Going through alleys ? Whatever that is, I kept on walking and walking. I wasn't using my car because I don't think my car can go through the alleyways ...

 It's night time and everthing is really dark.

 No shit sherlock. Everything IS dark when it's nightime -_-

 Fuck you. Don't act smart in front of me. I am THE Gaston Whitlock. Nobody does that in front of me.

 I am your own brain bitch

 Whatever. I ignored all this and soon I was standing in front of a very narrow alley. Everything was pitch black and I couldn't see what exactly was in it. Some dumpsters perhaps ? There was no noise , just the sound of occasionally speeding cars in the distance. The eery silence kind of creeped me out but I am Gaston. I am scared of nothing.

 I confidently and proudly made my way through the alley.

 And quite dumbly too ! Just going though some random alley to ' get some ' . You are a dumb piece of sh-

 Stop it ! I think I am going insane. I never used to have this "inside voice" before. And I don't know , I myself am getting a bad feeling about this as I am walking though this incredibly steep, small , dark and creepy path.

 I suddenly hear some noise coming from the back. I quickly turn my head to see what was going on but it was pitch black and the noise stopped. My heart is beating like crazy and I resumed walking. I kept hearing the same noises again in the back but I just ignored them. They were nothing. Just some steps more and I am out of this fucking creepy thing.

 I don't know what happened in the next few seconds , everything was a big blur and before I knew there was a hand on my mouth and I struggled to get myself free. What the fuck is this ? Great, now literally in middle of nowhere , I get strangled by some dude.

The hand moved from my mouth to my neck and grasped it tighly. I struggled to breath and all the air was out of my throat. I starting gasping for air and hitting the guy with my hands when his hands moved from my throat to my hands and took hold of my hands so I wouldn't be able to move them.

 I am a big boy ! This stuff happens in horror movies to little pathetic girls. Not us !  I groaned and started to thrash around. I was fighting , wrestling and grappling my way through to get myself free from the grasp of this unknown person. Definitely a huge buff man.

 I turnt around to see the man's face, but all I could figure out was a blue mask in this pitch darkness. A simple blue mask which was covering the man's face and a giant tatto saying something which I couldn't see clearly on his neck. The man was now strangling me.

I somehow forcefully set my hands free and gave him a good punch on his face but no use. He groaned for a moment and I took it as an oppurtinity to punch him again but he soon recovered and grasped my hands. I tried to move around violently but he was too stubborn to let me go.

 I tried to knee him in the groin or elbow him in the face, but unfortunatly nothing happened.

 This always works in the movies ! The hero always fights and wins. But sadly this was not a cliche movie. This was reality. Before I knew it, a sharp knife like thing was into my stomach and a loud muffled shout released through my mouth. I felt a sudden agonizing pain in my stomach.

A very excruciating, gnawing, violent , endurable and raging pain. My breath was hitched. No , my breath was taken away and I couldn't feel anything anymore. Everything suddenly become numb. I was only now slightly able to smell blood. My blood.

 I felt the weight off me. The man had gotten up I think. I had no idea what was going on anymore. He was carrying my body somewhere but I stopped thinking anything. I let myself loose. These were the last few seconds of my life and my life till now flashed before my eyes.

My parents who are obsessed with their work but still I somewhere have love for them. My best friends in my school . Heck even Lana. My house , my high school , when I was a kid , how my nanny taught me to ride a bicycle , how I would go every night with Bryce  in my teens, how I joked with Derek and how I teased Josh about Jade , how when mum and dad would return home, I would be upset with them but finally would give in and give them a huge hug. How I was enjoying my life.

 Tears stung to my eyes.

 No, no, no don't give up and don't cry. You are not a fuckin little girl. Man up and fight.

Everything became black , even more black than it was before. I felt myself passing out. No , not passing out. I felt myself dying. I tried to raise my hand, to open my mouth or eyes, but the pain wouldn't let me. My body gave up on me. I couldn't exactly scream and shout either anymore. Everything closed up inside me. All my organs , my functioning of the body, my sense, my  everything. And then when I knew that there was now no hope, my heart gave up too and now it couldn't beat anymore.

 Life gave up on me.

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