The Other Side

Gaston , an 18 year old lad dies a tragic death and finds himself in a place of lost souls. No not hell ,not even heaven but the other side. He meets Arabella there,an angel who helps him complete his important task before he can cross the other side.

But what if they fall in love ?

What if an angel and a lost soul develop a deep emotion which is stronger then anything else in this world that is called love ?

Read on to find out more.


2. Chapter 1

"Hey! Gashton! What's up man?" Bryce yelled putting his arm around my shoulder. I rolled my eyes. This had become a daily routine.

"All's good. What about you?" I asked smirking because I knew what he would say. I bet he's gonna take a random girl's name and say he scored her ..

"I went to this party yesterday, Hayley's to be accurate, there were amazing girls! You should have come, I scored a girl named Becca or Betha." He said proudly while we were driving to our high school.

We were seniors. I and Bryce, we were a part of the popular crowd.Our school had the typical cliche popular group:

Bryce Larston was my best buddy. He is a man whore, and well he is pretty dumb in emotional in hearty situations. But nevertheless he is my best friend. He had blonde hair and was really tall.

There were others in the popular group like Josh Smith or the buff football player. He is huge with an athlete's body. A rough football player, with Jade Walls as his girlfriend of 3 years. Messing up with them could lead you into great trouble. He is the over protective kind. He is a brunette with the popular buzz cut.

Then there is Derek Stones who is the funny guy. He is the joker of the group. Even his lamest jokes makes the whole school laugh . He has no interests in girls whatsoever, however he is straight. He has black hair and is very tan-skinned.

Jade Walls, also known as josh's girlfriend is the sweet and emotional girl of the group, she is sensitive and can cry for the smallest of reasons ... She is quite intelligent too . Probably the smartest out of our group. She is a brunnette and is small. Small and cute as I would say.

Lana Summers, or I must say the queen bitch. Girls worship her and boys drool over her . She isn't the 'slut' type, she wears pretty normal and classy clothes but with her attitude, who would not expect her to be bitchy?... And actually I can't believe I said these words about my own girlfriend.But truth is the truth.

Coming to me, I am the king of the school. Not really, but boys admire me. They want to be like me while girls drool over me. Kinda like Ashley but the effect is more. Even the teachers don't dare to say anything to me.

My father donates money every 3 months to this school and that's a huge amount of money.He owns a travel agency company which is very successful while my mom has her own fashion line which again is very successful. I was born with a silver spoon.

However I don't get time to spend with my dad.We live in Leicester, quite a big nice city in United Kingdom. But my father keeps travelling to different places due to his work and my mother has different fashion shows and promotions to do for her fashion lines.I don't get much time to spend with them.

 I snapped out of my thoughs as we parked the car and got out of it.

Almost immediately the spotlight was on us, as almost all the people in the parking lot stared at us. Or I would say at me. I smirked and walked confidently towards the school gate with Bryce beside me. Instantly a girl jumped on me.

I knew her immediately.

"Gaston, Babe ! I missed you so much" Lana said and kissed me with full force. I kissed back and pulled away.

"We just met yesterday night Lana" I said and sighed .

"I know, and I also remember what we did yesterday night" She said and winked. I smirked and nodded remembering the memory.

"Hey, have you seen Derek, Josh and Jade ?" I asked wondering where they were.

"No idea." She said. I walked to my locker with Lana beside me and Bryce behind me with some girl. As we neared my locker I was surprised by the crowd gathered near my locker. I furrowed my eyebrows with confusion.

"What is happening?" Bryce said with same confusion as me.

"No idea" Lana said while concentrating on the scene.

After pushing through the crowd I saw that Josh was beating up some guy, Jade was crying, and well ..a guy was being beaten up pretty badly.

"What the hell is going on here? Stop! " I shouted and almost everyone turned to me. Josh's hands stopped punching the poor guy's already broken and bloody nose.

"This fucking guy named Jordan was flirting with MY Jade! And was inviting her to come to his house! This son of a ---" He started to say but the Jordan guy cut him off.

"But I just wanted to be friends. I was not flirting!" Jordan replied with a shaky voice.

"Don't lie! " Josh yelled and Jordan flinched. I rolled my eyes and waited for the show to get over.

"I am not lying!" Jordan yelled, or at least tried to

"And how can you prove that?!" Josh's anger filled voice yelled back.

"I AM GAY!" Jordan yelled and then it captured my attention.

Josh was stunned and his mouth opened but no words came out.Jade stopped crying for a moment, looked at Jordan and then started crying again. And I, I was just standing with Lana besides me and Bryce behind me looking at the daily drama.

"I am sorry, dude I didn't know. I have no problem with gay people I swear!" Josh said raising his hands.

"How would you have known? You didn't give me a chance to speak! You just kept fucking punching me" Jordan said angrily and stomped off.

Well, there goes the daily dosage of show business.

"Okay, guys I think we are done here. Let's go to our classes" Lana said and everyone resumed what they were doing and made their way to their classes.

Josh, Jade, Bryce and the girl who's name I still don't know walked away and Lana turned to me.

"Babe, what class do you have?" She asked with her hand on my shoulder.

"English" I said boringly. She huffed annoyingly and said that she had some different class. We parted our ways and I made my way to the boring class.

- - -

Soon our classes were over and it was lunch. We 'populars' made our way to our table and as we entered the lunchroom, all eyes were on us as usual. I smirked, maintained my cool and walked to our table, winking at a girl or two in the way who as I went squealed.  

We all paid for our food and sat on our table.. Lana sat on my left while Bryce on my right. Josh and Jade were across me and then I noticed someone's absence .

"Has anyone noticed Derek's absence ?" Jade said out of the blue, as if she read my mind.

"Yeah, I think he is not here." Lana said dumbly stating the obvious.

"He called me yesterday, saying he had a minor food poisoning"Bryce said while shoving fries in his mouth.

"Oh my gosh, is he okay?" Jade asked worriedly and I irritatingly stared at her. She instantly shut up

"Like Bryce said, it was a minor food poisoning. Keyword being minor" I said and started eating my burger.

"Oh" Jade said and frowned. Josh hugged her and glared at me.I shrugged.

If someone thinks being popular is good, they are right. But if someone thinks being popular is the best thing that can ever happen to you, they are wrong. Take me for example, I have friends, money, family, girlfriend, everything. But I don't know what is it like to struggle for something. I was always given everything I asked for. I want to be normal. Average. But we don't always get what we ask for. And so I should be happy with what I have. The world is not a wish-granting factory .

Look at me, being all deep and quoting 'Fault in our stars' .




Lunch was over and we all made our way to the last period. I had physics and Bryce had the same class as me.

We went to our class room and opened the door. The room already was filled up and Ms. Demetria was already there.

She was a teacher in her mid-twenties. She was hot, I must say, but the worst thing was that she was married and she still flirted with her students.

"Hello boys" Ms. Demetria said seductively, or she tried to say it seductively.

"Please take your seats" She said and winked. Bryce drooled and I ignored her. I went to the last seat which was empty and sat there. I had an empty seat beside me and Bryce sat there still admiring Ms. Demetria.

"Dude stop with it already. It's noticeable" I whispered to Bryce.

"Damn, look she's wearing skinny jeans today" Bryce said and suddenly his eyes were on our teacher's ass when she "accidentally" bent down to pick up some papers.

I sighed and looked here and there not paying attention in the class.

"Gaston?" A girl sitting in front of me turned around and said.I had seen her quite a few times.She had some classes as me and she often dropped her pencil only to ask me to pick it up.I guess she wanted attention from me.

I can't really blame her for that .

"Yeah?" I said to her boringly as she nervously bit her lip.

She wanted to say something. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was attractive. But did not catch my attention that much.

"Uh, here take this" She said quickly and passed me a note.

Then she turned around and was paying attention to the teacher.

I unfolded the note and read it.

'Are you free tonight? I was wondering whether we could hang out or something... You know just as friends! I mean, I know you have a girlfriend. I was just wondering. It will be okay if you say no though. I will perfectly understand.

Charlotte xx'

I raised my eyebrow at the note. I can see that the x's are written with a bit of hesitance.

She seemed like a nice girl but I already was going out with Lana tonight. Looks like I will have to cancel with Lana.After all, this Charlotte girl just wants to hang out as "friends" . I fiddled with my pen and then wrote back.

'Alright , sure .


I gave it back to her. She read it and grinned. Then she wiped sweat off her forehead. Was she that nervous to ask me to hangout?

Bryce poked me at the side and I stared at him irritatingly.

"What?" I asked while poking him back .

"What happened there? What was in that note?" He asked excitingly.

"A girl named Charlotte asked me to hangout with her and I said yes" I muttered.

"But you have plans with Lana tonight, don't you?" He asked and I rolled my eyes.

"She doesn't control me. I can cancel her plans whenever I want. Plus, I wanted a break from her. She is just too much." I explained and realization dawned on Bryce. He said an okay and we both once again paid attention to the lesson.

I have this feeling that this hangout isn't going to turn out right. 


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Alex Pettyfer is casted as Gaston 

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