My Protector(s)

Meli Jade Silverstean is a 14 year old girl who always stood out in a crowd and was always picked on for being different. Meli didn't want to be different and she didn't know why she was in the first place. She found out one day when she bumped into the NEW Mr.Popular.

This is not a corny story about the nerd girl and popular boy falling in love, so don't judge the blurb by its cover.


2. He Changed Things

I didn't know what to do! The boy from this morning was right in front of me and he was the popular boy!

"Luka we can't change the rules! You have to pick on the "Freak." You can't change anything."

"Well why not no one ever said we couldn't. Plus I'm the only one who's allowed to change or disobey the rules."

Now that he brought that up I began to wonder why no one ever tried that before.


"Don't speak," exclaimed Luka's head boy Chris.

"Don't speak to her that way Chris."

"Why not? She is the school "Freak" after all," said Jewel.

"Fine then if none of you will stop I'll just do this," Luka said this before he turned around and kissed my cheek.


I was totally surprised. Luka was the first boy in the history of the school to forcibly change the social status of the "Freak." If the popular boy willingly kisses another girl's cheek who isn't the popular girl will then become the new popular girl.

'What should I do?!'

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