Maya is 16 years old teen,her life is full of teenage drama. She though she would find the one but it just turned not to be as easy it seemed.


5. not ment to be

Tom was year older than me so we only saw each others at breaks. We have been together now like two months and Samantha and others had totally stopped pissing me out. I have Tom now. It was lunch break and i searched my blondhaired boyfriend. I saw him talking with his friends and there was some girl who i had never seen before. She stared Tom the way what made me feel bit sick in stomach?but i knew Tom loved me. "Oh there you are!"Tom smiled and took few steps towards me and wrapped his arms around me. I could see the girl narrow her eyes to me. I decided to ignore her. "I missed you."i purred looking his beautiful blue eyes. "I missed you too princes."he smiled and peckef my lips. "Tasha this is My girlfriend Maya." Tom said as he hugged me behind. "Maya this is Tasha she just moved here,but we have knew each other few years she used to live next to my cousin Darren."Tom said. "Hi." I smiled politely. "Hi." She said bit annoyed. What was her deal? Soon the bell rang and i walked back to my class, gladly i the school was soon over. I took my backpack and walked over to Tom he was talking with Tasha who was looking him like he was somekind of diamond.I didnt like her. She was wearing tight jeans and small croptop what showed her belly button ring and her boobs and she had long blonde hair and her lips were covered with red lipstick she was wearing too much of make up,she totally had the slutty style. She looked me with disgust when she saw me coming.

Days passed and that evil little snake was just getting closer to my Tom. She always got between us. We didn't have alone time at all. "I don't like Tasha." I said. I had to say it. "Why?" Tom asked bit socked. "She is nice." He said. "There is something about her,she always give me dirty looks and don't like me hang around you." I said. "What are you talking about. That isnt true! She is reallt sweet girl." Tom said getting bit angry. "Tom." I said and took deep breath. What had that Tasha done to my boyfriend. "You are just over reacting." He said. He had changed in these couple days. He is not the same it used to be. i don't want to lose him.but it's just matter of time.

--next day---

I was looking Tom for every where,but couldn't find him. I guess he was some where out of school,but it was weird,why didn't he say anything to me?he always did. I got bored to run around the school to try find him. I walked to changin rooms we had sport Next. I left my bag to the bench when i heard weird noices. I walked closer to the noice. And walked to the shower room. I couldn't believe my eyes. I gasped. And felt my hear break and broke into peaces it sucked all happiness from my life.Tom was against the wall and the slutty Tasha was sucking his face. She was kissing MY Tom and tom was kissing her back. It broke me. I stood there staring. "how dare you!" I screamed. They both jumped. Tasha gave me smile like she won something.that bitch! "Maya!" Tom said as he looked me. "We are done! I can't believe you did that to me! How dare you!" I said running away. "Maya wait!" Tom said."what!what do you have to say?!" I screamed tears streaming down my cheeks. "I like her,i'm sorry,that you find out this way,but our thing wasn't going anywere. I like her." He said. "What! How can you do this to me! Do you realise how much you hurted me! Now you hurted me even more! Why can't you shut up and let me be! Dont hurt me more! You are dead to me!"i screamed. "Im sorry." He whispered. "Sure you are!" I screamed. She was smirking. What a bitch. "And you! Im not finished with you!"i screamed. "I got him,not you. He is mine now."she smiled evilly and laugh. "You bitch! You will regget that, you cant have him. You are such a slut cant take your hands of others boyfriends." I said and punched her with all the force i had,i hitted her so hard that my fist hurted. And she screamed and felled to the ground.i kicked her leg and got out the room showing the middle finger to socked Tom who was helping Tasha up. Oh she will have black eyes tomorrow,how sad.

I whiped my tears and walked out of school even that the school day wasn't over. This was it. I'm never going to get my self hurted like i did. I'm not going to trust to guys anymore. The rest of the day i cried and screamed. I hate Tom so much.

Three months,three Freaking months. Not talking to Tom,not even looking him. It was killing me first cause i used to jump on his arms and kiss him. But now the things were different. I dont know if he was with Tasha. I blocked him out of my life. I didnt know anything about him. I ignored him so hard that i didnt see him anymore. Well it was summer vacation and it was easy not to see him. Today was the first day of 11 grade and i was going to see that bastards poor face. I walked into school. I saw few new faces and old ones too. Then i saw him. It was like the time stopped. I made my way closer him. Our eyes met. He had beautiful warm brown eyes and black hair. we stared each others he flashed me a shy smile showing his dimple on his right cheek.he was nothing like Tom. They were from different planet. Well i mean they looked like they were. He was good looking. Charming and manly. Tom was just boy. Not man like whatever his name was then I saw Blonde hair and i reconized him. Tom. Well well well. Ewwwn. What did i ever see in that? Okay he wasn't that bad looking but since i didn't feel anything towards him he was nothing than just poor ass. He looked tired and he hasn't changed lot. Our eyes met and i gave him poker face like i didnt know him he looked me with hur and sadness he really looked like shit. I had quited smoking cause it was stupid and it membered me of Tom.

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