Maya is 16 years old teen,her life is full of teenage drama. She though she would find the one but it just turned not to be as easy it seemed.


4. beautiful lights

"I want to take you out tonigh." Tom smiled. "Okay." I smiled. He was sweetest guy. "I will pick up you up at seven." He said kissing my cheek. "Where are we going?" I asked curiosly. "Its secret,see you later beautiful." He said and pecked my lips. And i walked home. I did my homework and watched tv at six at clock i took shower and dryed my hair and dressed up at my favorite dress what had small flowers on it and took my ballerinas and little handbag and put some light make up. I heard doorbell rang. I run to the door and opened the door and saw my beautiful boyfriend. He was wearing white shirt and jeans he looked good. "Ready to go ?"he asked smiling to me. "Sure." I smiled and closed the door behind me and he opened the car door for me. We drove to other side of the town. He was taking me to funpark? He opened door for me. "Thanks." I smiled. "Anytime beautiful." He smiled. Everytime when he called me beautiful it turned my legs to jelly. We walked around the funpark hand in hand and took silly photos at photo booth. "I want that!" I said pointing big flurry teddy bear. "Im going to win that to you babe." He said and kissed my lips. He is so romantic that it made my heart my surprize he won. And pointed the big flurry teddy bear. "Tho my princes." He said and gave the teddy to me. "You are so sweet." I smiled and kissed him. "You are so cute." He said and took my hand. "Want to go to ferris wheel?"he asked. "Sure." I smiled. I sat on his arms as we looked the beautiful city lights. This was the most nicest time of my life. "I love you." He said looking me seriously. "You drive me crazy, kissing you is like drug to me." He said huskily. I answered to him kissing him. "I love you too." I smiled. He kissed my neck and we continued to look the beautiful lights and enjoy the ride. "Im never going to let you go." He whispered to my ear as we stood infront of my door and kissed goodnight.i felled asleep hugging the flurry bear.

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