the bigest boy fan zayn malic fan fiction

james has entered a contest to win a day with zany what happens when james wins and gets to spend a day with zayn


1. i have won the contest


it was 6am James woke up and turned on his computer he entered a compotation to spend and have fun with zayn malic for the whole day and today was the day they sent the email to the winner James looked on his email nothing.  he went to have a shower he was really  upset he put on one d music and sang in the shower. after he got his one d clothes and got changed and went on the internet he had a unread message on his email without paying any attention he opened it.  you have won the day with zany malic James jumped and screamed from his voice  it begins at 9am with zany picking you up in a limo then down to a fun filled day surprises in store. also James could not believe it  he ran down stairs to tell his mum she could not believe it you have an hour to get ready. suddenly the door bell rang he thought wait I'm not ready yet his friends where all hear why are you guys hear your mum told us that's saw cool your going to spend a day with zayn you boys will be best friends I think I hope saw he had 10 minutes see you latter have to get  dressed  he got his shirt on and got dressed suddenly the limo arrived see you  guys mum zayn  is hear  ok hi I'm James mum hi I'm zayn ok we our going to have saw much fun today   he said end of part 1

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