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4. Free - by White Ravens

Title: Free

Genre: Poetry

Date of Publication: 3 Aug, 2014

Author: White Ravens

Current Views: 98

Likes: 2




I want to leave all of these prison walls and chocking chains behind,

I want to escape, I want to fly, I want new paths to unwind.

I’ll turn my back against the rain and race into the rising sun,

My old masters will have to stand and watch, powerless as I run.


My head screams no but my heart hammers and pounds to the rhythm of yes,

The heat starts to spread through my palms, powered by all my regrets.

My anger burns red as I let go of my secret; reveal my true identity,

I'm dangerous, but now they'll know how much a danger I could be.


As the fires rise up before my eyes, my prison falls to ash,

But my willpower won't be doused as I swipe a breath; seize my chance.

The blaze looks to me for guidance and at first I deliberated,

Unlike others with such power, my soldiers will be liberated.


No longer will my soul be caged in blockades brushed with barbed wire,

They plead for pity as the flames ascend higher and higher.

They forced my heart to go cold too long ago and now they’ll pay,

For holding me back; for pushing too far; for driving me their way.


Dark thoughts begin edging in from the shadows of the trees and roads,

My war will fight back, the pain plentiful with none to share my loads.

I must keep pushing through each hurdle; I must become my own shield,

Enduring as I must honour my stolen past that’s now been healed.


I emerge from the embers, mightier than bullets from a gun,

A gift that will always prove to the world that I have finally won.

Within my body, the coals shan’t simmer, their sparks alive to see,

My power was always meant to be revealed as I will now run





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