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3. 20 Movellians you really, really, really need to fan. (Part One)

Here are twenty amazing movellians, who you really, really, REALLY, need to fan. Maybe you haven't heard of all of them, but it will give you someone with great writing and an equally brillaint personality to discover. (And fan. That's the point of this list, after all.)  I will not be including any of the movellians I know in real life on this list (that means @MahoganyPumpkin, @HeartTaunter, @Elrenia, @Charred-Within, @TorTia Elise Goldlight, @Rodrigo.R.R Goldlight, @A Chemical Reaction, @Evan R.J, @Bezzella, @Lizzles, @Jen jens!, @Sophella, and @Beanmachine) because I think it would be unfair as you guys would take up more than half the list.


This is the first half of the list, so only ten movellians will be listed. The rest will be posted in a later chapter. The following awesome movellians are in no particular order.




1) @Salamasunny - 86 fans, movellian since Oct 12, 2012




Winner of the 'Virtual Reality' Competition

Runner up in Sony Young Movellist of the Year, 2013

Silver in the 'Inspired by a Song' Contest

Bronze in the 'Sci Fi: Write your Future' Competition

Movellas Ambassador


In my opinion, she's a better writer than a lot of published authors. Her movella 'My Corrupted Lungs' was runner up in the Sony Young Movellist of the year competition 2013, and truly deserved the title. I'd personally recommend her story 'Hollow People' to anyone - it is my all time favourite movella. She's also a really lovely person, and is currently hosting a writing competition where she's giving away free books to the winner and runners up.




2) @Prodigy - 212 fans, movellian since Nov 23, 2013




Winner of the 'Inspired by a Song' Competition

Movellas Ambassador


Prodigy is the Queen of Poetry. She can make you shiver, laugh, cry - all with the power of her words. Still, her talent isn't limited soley to poetry. Her Harry Potter fanfiction series, beginning with 'As it Began' is truly phenomenal, and really captures the magical world. It's 'Waiting For Our Time', her wonderfully original Sci Fi movella, that really sets her apart from other writers. She's the creator of the DWATILNLTDE Army, which features in the hilarious movella 'A War in Which there is Copious Amounts of Cake'.

On top of all this, she's one of the nicest movellians you will meet, with an arsenal of hilarious anti-jokes. As a coauthor she is also fantastic - an all around awesome movellian.




3) @River_Summers - 272 fans, movellian since 25 Feb, 2014




Winner of the 'Walking Dead' Competition

Winner of the 'Forever Song Illustration Competition'

Published Poet

Movellas Ambassador


I spend a lot of time fangirling with River, but I spend possibly even more fangirling over her work. I think she should replace Steven Moffat as writer of Sherlock - her Sherlock fanfics are the best I've ever read. She can make up really realistic, absoloutely genius deductions, as well. She'd probably have no trouble making the viewers suffer from all the suspense, either.  I recommend her movella 'Emmanuel' if you want to laugh until you cry at the clueless angel fallen from Heaven. And her covers. Ah, her covers. I'm really, really jealous of her cover making skills.

If all this isn't enough to make you GO AND FAN HER IMMEDIATELY she ships the following (among many, many more):






She's funny, friendly, and wickedly talented. I'll use mind control to make you fan her if I have to.




4) @Ahlaam Nightshade - 246 fans, movellian since 28 August, 2013




Movellas Ambassador


Why wouldn't you fan a Lizard woman from the dawn of time? Probably the friendliest person on movellas, her writing is just as fantastic. Really, she should go and update ALL her movellas as soon as she can. Please, Ahlaam? *hint hint* Oh, and she likes the word brilliant. That makes her brilliant. Make sure to use the word brilliant a brilliant amount of times around her.




5) @Enya Sanders - 240 fans, movellian since 4 Nov, 2012




First in the 'World's best 1D fanfic' Competition

Runner up in the 'Divergent' Competition

Runner up in the 'Love is in the Air' Competition

Movellas Ambassador


She's just won a publishing deal with her movella 'Our Years', but all of her movellas are fabulous. My favourite is 'Darling?' - it's the most hooked I've been on a movella in ages! She's the founder of TEA (you know, the group of people with little tea badges in their profile pictures?) and one of the kindest members of this site who contributes so much towards making it the amazing place it is.




6) @Nina :) - 304 fans, movellian since 19 June, 2012




Winner of the 'Different sides of the Dispute' Competition

Winner of the 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff?' Competition

Runner Up in the 'Girl Heart Boy' Competition

Published in 'Miracle-e-zine'


Nina is one of the first movellians I read the work of, and one of the few whose writing left such a lasting impact on me. She writes a lot of really good realism, but her stories of other genres are just as amazing. Her constructive critiscm is also really helpful and in detail.




7) @Tomato. - 163 fans, member since 2 June, 2013






Okay, she may not have any awards but she definitely deserves them. Hilarious, friendly, and a huge fangirl, Tomato is everything great about a tomato and more. If you've read the Bone Season (it's an awesome book - if you haven't read it you should), or The Mortal Instruments, or even are a fanatic about Galactik Football, I suggest you go and talk to Tomato. Imediately.




8) @TheTravellingLemon - 63 fans, movellian since 12 Feb, 2014



Winner of the Between Two Worlds Fantasy Competition


As her name suggests, she's a Cabin Pressure fan which is always an excuse to fan people. Not to mention that she's a reveur, and the first one I've met on movellas. She's also written some of the best work this site has to offer, which is an even more valid reason to go and visit her profile page. Her movella 'Childish Things' is kind of reminiscent of Neil Gaiman, and is exactly the sort of thing you'd expect to see in a published anthology of short stories.

She's very good at cover making too, and if you'd like to use it, her cover store is held in a mumble as she's 'too lazy to make a movella'.

Ohhhhhh, and she's anti Oxford Comma. Unlike me. This doesn't detract from her awesomeness, but oxford commas really are the way forward. It's a very confusing world without them.




9) @Chloe_123_x - 198 fans, movellian since 11 April, 2014  


Runner up in 'The Forever Song' Competition

Movellas Ambassador    


Chloe is incredibly kind - she's even made a movella dedicated to welcoming new movellians! Her story 'Cyberbully' is an emotional roller-coaster of a movella, guaranteed to make you at least a little teary eyed by the end. This movellian is also one of the many fangirls included in this list. (Specifically for the Mortal Instruments, Sherlock, Divergent, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, 5SOS, The Vamps, John Green, Bastille, Ed Sheeran, The 1975, and Scouting for Girls... to name but a few...)          



10) @Raven711 - 366 fans, movellian since 15 Jan, 2014  

Awards: Movellas Ambassador      


Thinking back on it, I really should have had Raven as number four on this list. Totally not in reference to her obsession with Divergent or anything - just for fun, you know. Raven generally seems to write fantasy or sci fi nowadays, though she used to be a Harry Potter roleplay account called Yew of Ravenclaw. (Her character was called Yew. And was in Ravenclaw. Surprisingly.) Anyway, her Sci Fi is seen at its best in Emma Bolt: The Energists, which is currently leaving readers hanging on tenterhooks for Raven's next update. (Not trying to hint at anything or anything, but RAVEN, YOU REALLY HAVE TO UPDATE SOON.)            




So, Raven brings me to the end of part one of my list of movellians you 'really, really, really' need to fan. I have ideas already in mind for who will make up part two of the list, but if you'd like to nominate anyone in the comments then it will be considered.    









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