Before Our Souls Where Wounded


3. chapter two- Maid Days

I was standing right out side of the Lords house. Breathing in and out, I was nervous. This was my first proper job, and I had gone all out by spending pretty much ALL of my money on a new outfit. The outfit consisted of a simple white skirt and a second hand gray blouse complete with my old shoes and my mothers' maid apron. It looked good enough for working as a maid, but once I got paid, I hoped to get a new outfit first thing to make a better impression. Knocking on the vast door to the Lords' house (or mansion, that sounds better) I brushed down my outfit one last time as someone opened the door. The man that answered the door had brushed back grey silver hair, little glasses, a ironed black suit and a some sort of watch attached to his uniform.

"Ahh you must be Miss. Bourne" He says adding a smile.

"Hello Sir, yes I am. Nice to meet you" He dodges my gaze and gestures for me to follow him into the house. We walked along the long corridors, both of us in deadly silence. I was going to attempt to talk to him when I remembered what some of the rules where of being a maid. We where sort of the lowest of the low (apart from the servants who wasn't even allowed to look at anyone unless asked). But anyway, I was not permitted to talk to anyone higher than me. And the Butler was clearly higher than me. He continued to walk in silence infront of me. I gazed around the mansion and was astounded to see what was hanging on all the walls. There was pictures and everything, I hadn't noticed that we where at another set of colossal doors.

"You will have to go through here and meet the Lords' Secretary, he will tell you what you have to do" He said in a flat tone as another man in a similar outfit strolled past. They nodded to each other and the man who answered the door walked off. I was left there, looking at the door, when suddenly I remembered that I had to go in. Opening the door I walked over the the study/desk that a man in a suit was sitting at. I figured that he was the secretary so I walked over.

"You uniform is over there, you are wanted to go and tidy the bedrooms" He said without even looking at me.

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