Before Our Souls Where Wounded


4. chapter three- The Lord

I had made the beds in all ten bedrooms and cleaned them up. I would have thought that it would have been pretty hard, but it was really easy. Once I had finished, I headed back down the colossal stair case to the room I had appeared from in the first place and knocked on the door. There was no answer. I knocked again. This time, I heard a noise and a tall dark haired man opened the door.

"May I help you?" His voice sounded like most of the rich people around this town. I look down at the floor, not allowed to look him in the eyes. I stuttered for words and kind of mumbled that I was the new maid. He mustn't have known what I was talking about so he just stood there. Looking like the biggest fool around.

"Well? I haven't got all day!" He half shouted at me.

"I'm the new maid, I was wondering what I should do next. My Lord" I bowed in front of him, hiding my face as I did so to hide my embarrassment. This wasn't happening.

"Ahh well, I need you to tidy up the bedrooms"

"I've already done that Sir"

"Really? I thought that you had just arrived?"

"No Sir, I got here at about six in the morning and have been here tidying since" I stutter. Unsure what to say.

"What may the time be now?" He asks looking back into the vast room. I hear a faint voice call that it is one in the afternoon.

"Right then..well as you have done everything for today, you can leave" He told me, turning away before I could say anything in protest.

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