Before Our Souls Where Wounded


2. chapter one- good news

The other day, I found the best news ever written on the town hall's notices. Well, it might not be the best news ever, but I was incredibly happy about what it contained. It was an advertisement concerning a job, which bearing in mind was a very rare thing in our small yet picturesque town. Anyway, it was a job request from the Lord Pearce looking for 'a young woman to become the new maid and is happy to work six days per week with 28 hours each'. The Lord always payed his employees a large quantity of money, and with me being incredibly poor, this was the perfect opportunity to earn a bit of money. Well a lot of money. I tear a strip of the brown tinted paper and used the quill pen to sign my name and my 'address'. I slotted the slip of paper into the what looked like a ballot box and walked away carrying the small faint of hope that I might possible be able to get the job. But knowing me and my 'luck' there was no way that that was coming any time soon.

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