Before Our Souls Where Wounded


5. chapter four- Georgina

Once I had gotten home (or shack or whatever) I took of my uniform and folded it up. I put the neatly folded clothes into the draws next to my little mattress. God I had to buy myself a new one once I had enough money. I got dressed into a simple plain white dress and the same old same old shoes that I wore all the time. I was planning to do a little tidying. Just a little. After all, there wasn't really much to tidy was there. And then I was planning to go out shopping as I had been working for a whole week which had earned me about 10 shillings!

(the next day)

I got into work earlier than what I should as I was given time of the other day. Once inside the great mansion, I made my way to the bedrooms where I am supposed to start my day. As I had been told on my first day by a note stuck to the bed post. It took me about half an hour to go round all the used rooms and change the bedding and tidy, and an extra ten minutes to look over the ones that hadn't been used but needed checking anyway. By the time I had made it back down stairs however, it was 7:00am (the occupants of this house hold got up extremely early to do sports, work and what not)

making my way to the kitchen, I noticed The Lord talking to a beautiful, rich looking young lady whom appeared to be crying.

" it's over ok Georgina. I'm not keeping up with this. It was clear from the beginning that this was never going to work out. I only had to date you due to your father needing grandchildren to secure your reign"

"but I love you my lord. Can't you see that. It doesn't matter what daddy says."

" It doesn't matter what daddy says" (he mimics her) "of corse it bloody well matters what he says or thinks. He is the second most powerful man in the freakin country. Can't you just believe that it's not going to work? And anyway, I've found someone new" the look on her face is priceless as he breaks the news to his, what I think is, lover (or now ex lover), that he is with some one else. I did feel sorry for her though. She looked distraught.

"Is she here then? Hmm this new woman of yours? Is she just going to pop up at any minute and be centre of all gods attention? Is her daddy richer than mine?" She began asking all these stupid questions about this woman and waited for an answer. I hovered in the door way to see what he was going to say. I was shocked when he turned to her and said:

"yes Georgina she is here. But no, her daddy is not richer than yours. But she is prettier than you, and what she lacks in riches she makes up for in personality" I was baffled. I had only been working here for about a week and I hadn't noticed any other woman. I was even more astounded when he turned me me and said.

"her name is Mia Bourne. She is my new to be"

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