Before Our Souls Where Wounded


6. chapter five- personality swap

The look on Georgina's face says it all. I feel for the poor girl. Gosh how distraught she must feel right now. It took every ounce of loyal employeement (if that is a word) to not go over there and hug her and tell her that there was nothing to fret about. The Lord really was some sort of back stabbing jerk after all.


Once Georgina had left, I was left alone with nothing but the Lord's pretense. For a moment I just stood there, dumbfounded, when the Lord disappeared and told me to wait.

of course I waited, and after I did he came back, shook my hand and left.

it took me a minute to realise, but once my mind was back to fully focused I noticed that the Lord had left a note in my hand. I unfolded the slightly stained paper and read the perfect writing scrawled across it.

dear Miss Bourne,

I am ever so greatfull of what you where able to do today. Georgina is a wonderful girl, but it just wasn't going to work out for either of us. I am incredibly sorry that you had to witness it all, and I would like to invited you to dinner tomorrow evening. I have sent a lady down with a dress and anything else that you might need. Dinner starts at eight p.m. Also you are permitted to take the rest of the day off and tomorrow.

Kind Regards, Lord Klinten


8 p.m.

I stood outside the Lords' mansion and took a great look. Stuff like this never happens to girls like me. Never. I am cursed with bad luck. But right now it seemed as if my never ending hell was getting somewhat better.

I take another deep breath and prepare myself to knock on the colossal door. Incredibly nervous are the only words to describe this. Wait? I'm nervous. why am I nervous? Its just a meal. That's it. A meal that just so happens to be with one of the most powerful men in the country.

Cautiously I walk up to the doorways knock three times. I wait. No one appears to be coming.

then it hits me.

This is just some type of set up. it has to be. Like I said before no one invites poor Mia Borne to their house for a dinner.

Im thinking about all this and am preparing myself leave when part penny sub conscious beings into nag at me like a child for seconds.

what if he just didn't hear you?

this might not be a set up!

i could just be early...

I knock again. Louder and harder, just incase no one heard me. The door beings to crack open, and William Styles is standing there with Timothy Horan. they are both around my age. possibly a little older, and very handsome. Timothy and William are rhetorically best of friends and are very close with the Lord. Although they both work for him too. William has bright green eyes and dark brushed back brown hair. Timothy on the other hand has light brown which transforms into an incredibly light colour and it seems to have been styled into a sort of spike.

"Ah Mia! Your looking extravagant" William comments.

"Yes indeed" Timothy adds. He has a rather strange accent.

My eyes interlock with Timothy's and i notice just how blue they are. His eyes are gorgeous!

"Ah Mia! How nice to see you. you look ravishing darling" The Lord decides i apear from out of the blue. automatically I bow down infront of him and welcome him.

"no need for all that now Mia, I invited you here for a meal, not extra working hours" he chuckles and smiles at me, but there is a seriousness to his tone of voice.

"we shall be getting off now" William says. Practically dragging his light brown haired friend with him.

"Goodbye Miss Mia, how kind to meet your acquaintance"

"You to my kind sir" I respond.

"Well then. Mia, how are you dear one?"

"I'm very good My Lord, and how may your feelings be treating you?"

"Haha no need to call me Lord outside working periods, call me Klinten. And I do believe that once you arrived I felt rather joyous" I let out a light giggle at the way the lor...Klinten's mood had seemed to change once I was around him"

"Well, lets get to dinner shall we?" He says taking my arm and leading me to the dining room.

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