By Your Side

Touring across the world with three bands. What the actual hell is going on?


2. 02

Michael budded in, "We're not dating them we were just simply stating who the cutest is. Plus, you don't even know her name." His arms were crossed now. "Her name is Nyla!" Calum said excitedly. "That's me." A voice yelled from behind us. Everyone turned in her direction. She knelt down to put her drumsticks back into a case. "Damn." Calum whispered. She got up, still not facing us. "I have eyes and they're not on my ass." She chuckled. Calum blushed. Causing Michael to laugh hysterically. 

Rory made her way towards us, motioning the other girls to come with her. "You guys are up next. Kill it." She whispered. Ingrid made her way towards us. "Watch out for the streamy thingies and the fireworks." She said looking terrified. Ashton, confused said, "They never told us about those things?" Tara spoke up, "They didn't tell us either." She chuckled. "Of course they wouldn't tell us they want to scare the shit out of us. Bitches if you ask me." Nyla said while fixing her snap back. Rory laughed. She pulled her phone out while asking, "What's your list made up of?" We shrugged. "What list?" Luke chimed in. Nyla chuckled, "Your song list." She said while fixing her snap back again. "Oh. We're playing Heartache, Wamwesia, Don't stop, Heartbreak girl, Beside you and SLSP." Ashton stated. "Sounds gre- ow!" Rory screamed. "Take me to the tour bus!" Nyla laughed while jumping on Rory's back. They ran away screaming.

We were left with Tara and Ingrid. "Spill." They both whispered, smirks on their faces. Michael rolled his eyes. "Three boys like the same girl and I'm not one of them." He said. "Oooh! Who is it?" They asked surprised. Ashton, Calum and Luke squirmed. "They're not gonna tell you. It's Nyla." Michael stated. Tara and Ingrid laughed. "Sorry boys, she's off limits." They said. "Why?!" Calum blurted. Instantly he put his head down, taking a step back. "She's dating a Vamp and they're coming on your with us." Tara said. Ashton looked hurt. "Which one?" He asked, clearly not into the conversation anymore. "Bradley." Ingrid smiled. Luke rolled his eyes. "Obviously the lead." He scoffed. "You're just jealous you couldn't get to her first." Tara remarked. Ingrid started to walk away, "You guys are on soon. Good luck!" She waved as Tara started to run after her. Leaving us dumbfounded.

Michael chuckled as he patted us on the back. "Soooo not fair." Luke said. "I wonder how good she is... with the drums." Calum blushed. Ashton hit his arm and scoffed, "Nasty." Making a 'ya nasty' face. Calum smirked. "Don't tell me you weren't thinking about it!" He glanced at Luke and Ashton. "We weren't!" The two chorused. Calum rolled his eyes as the tour manager came near. "Boys, we just wanted to let you know we're adding a new band to the European stretch of the tour and they're here to meet you. Say hello to the Vamps." The manager said smiling. At first the boys stood in shock. But they eventually shook hands and left to the play their show. Afterwards, they headed to the lockers.

"Now we have to deal with them looking all cute together!" Luke sighed as he hit the lockers in anger. "Luke, she hasn't even gotten to know you and you haven't gotten to know her. You can't just assume you'll be a better boyfriend than him." Michael smiled. "But I already like the way she walks, talks and acts. What is there that I can hate?" Luke asked in disbelief. "Luke. Just promise me you won't do anything stupid." Michael said clearly. "I'll try." He sighed while sitting on a bench, leaning on a locker. All of a sudden some girls walked in. Ingrid was the first in. "Woah woah woah. We're sharing showers?" She yelled. "I guess so." Michael blushed. "Fucking hurry up!" Someone yelled from the back. Nyla pushed through everyone and smiled at Michael and I before taking a locker. "There's stalls on the other side with stand-ups. Let's go." She said and all the girls followed. "Luke snap out of it!" Michael stood in Luke's view, flailing his arms around trying to get his attention. "Luke!" He yelled again. "Sorry Michael what?" Luke shook his head looking confused. "Luke I'm sorry but you can't like her that much. She's got a boyfriend on the same tour as us!" He said, a little bit of disparity in his voice. Luke shook his head. "Michael. I think I'm falling. And I'm falling fast." His head was in his hands.

Another set of people crowded through the doors again causing Luke, Michael and every boy from the Vamps who just walked in scream. "Jesus." Connor sighed while walking to a set of lockers. "Great." Luke scoffed as he left the lockers. Bradley furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "Is he okay?" He asked Michael. "Mate, all I'm gonna say is watch your girlfriend." Michael chuckled while leaving the room.

TV (The Vamps) POV

"Of course." Bradley sighed. "Another man hitting on my woman." Tristan patted his back. "Don't worry man. We can get along." He smiled. "Well-" Brad was cut off by the sound of girls. "Oh my god. Nyla. He's here!" Tara screamed from the other side of the room. Bradley's heart skipped a beat as his eyes widened. The two ran towards each other. "I missed you so much." Bradley sighed, burying his head in her neck. Nyla pulled away and kissed his lower lip. "I love those tights." Bradley laughed. "Shut up!" She laughed along while kissing him again. The two pulled apart, being interrupted by an angry Calum and Ashton. "Oh god!" Ashton screamed while running back out of the room. "For fucks sake!" Calum started to laugh, running after Ashton.


"Mm." I heard her mumble from the kiss. I had booked the two of us a hotel for tonight. "I missed you so much." I breathed. "So did I." She whispered into my ear. I sucked at her jawline causing her to snicker. Moving my way down to her collarbone I pushed her onto the bed. She tousled with my hair. 

Now working on her neck I heard her sigh. "No marks. I don't want questions." She grumbled before placing her lips on mine and entering my mouth with her tongue. I kissed her like I had never kissed her before. 

Sweetly, she pulled at the hem of my shirt before bringing it over my head and discarding it. I did the same for her revealing a black bra. My favourite. My hands ran down her torso and my lips followed. Leaving little wet kisses down her torso she tensed, causing me to chuckle. I flipped her over before I started to massage her back. Kissing her neck every few minutes. I ended up laying on her body, just stroking her hair. "You're perfect." She mumbled. I rubbed her sides. "I love you." I said. I got off of her body and pulled some flannel pyjama pants out of her bag. She sat up smiling, "Grab yours so we can match." I smiled, grabbing my flannel pyjama pants out of my suitcase. She started to unbutton her tights before I stopped her. Placing a kiss on her nose I unbuttoned her tights and pulled them off of her body. My hands pulled the pyjama pants onto her legs swiftly before I slid my jeans off and pulled my pyjama pants on. I stood at the edge of the bed just looking at her. I smiled. "You're beautiful." I said. She rubbed my arm, "You're mine you know that." She sighed. I simply placed my body next to hers and put my arm around her waist. "And you're mine princess." I said before snuggling into her neck. A couple of minutes passed. I started to fall asleep. "Always." She mumbled. I smiled as I drifted off. I loved this girl so much.

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