The Irresistible Jerk

Genesis was warned to stay away from Harry. She knew he was trouble but she knew there was a softer side to him, not just his bad boy reputation. He was dangerous, threatening, but he cared. Harry wasn't exactly the type she usually went for but he wouldn't stay away. She was his and there was no way of escaping. But he was just an irresistible jerk.


2. ♡ Chapter One ♡

Genesis' P.O.V  

"Are you packed?" Mrs. Rivera -the lady in charge of the orphanage- asks me. I stuff the last of my belongings into a bag, and nod.

"Good, the cab is here." She answers. I once again, just nod. I'm not really a talker. I'm mute. I've never talked, and I never will. Its not a decision, I just can't.

I grab my bags and head outside to pile them into the cab. I can't believe I'm moving from sunny Florida, to rainy England. Its a dream come true! I've always been the girl who keeps to herself and has weird hobbies. Being obsessed with rain is one of them.

I sit in the back, and fiddle with my fingers.

What if I don't fit in at school? 

What if I become a loser that no one talks to?

What if my foster family doesn't even want me?

I sigh. This whole thing is really getting to my head. I put my earphones in and listen to Imagine Dragons "Demon."

"When you feel my heat, look into my eyes.

Its where my demons hide, its where my demons hide."

~♥~******* Later That Day*******~~

I slowly arrive at an airport. I get my bags, and the cab driver helps me. I flash him one of my award winning smiles, and watch the airport staff whisk my stuff onto the plane. I sit on the bench, and observe my surroundings. I saw a family coming back from a vacation, a toddler spill his beverage, and I saw a teen making out with her boyfriend. 

I grimaced as the memory crossed my mind.

"Flight 181! Your plane is ready for boarding." The intercom lady said.

I grabbed my carry on luggage, and headed through the gates.

I sat down in my seat, and put my earphones in, drowning the world out.


Just as I was getting into "The Zone" I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned my gaze to whoever it was, and saw that it was A boy -whom I'm guessing- was a bit older than me, with sea green eyes, and hair tussled to the side. He had a bit of of stubble on his chin, but he was extremely handsome.

"Mind If I take this seat?" I shook my head "no" and moved my bag out the seat.

"So what are you going to Holmes Chapel for?" He asks starting up a conversation that I wish he hadn't.

I pull out my notebook, and glittery Sharpie marker before scribbling down my response.

I'm moving to the UK to be with my family.

It wasn't exactly a lie. I am moving to the UK to be with Family. A foster family. but he doesn't need to know that...

hand him the paper, and he glances at it confused. He looks up at me, and I point to my mouth, and move my lips to say, "Mute." He nods understandingly, and reads the paper finally.

"Oh. I'm just getting back from vacation. I came home early, because my parents are expecting their first daughter soon." He says. I smile at him and take the notepad back scribbling down:

Congratulations! Are you happy to be a brother?

I show him the notepad, and he nods. "I'll save her from any harm. I'll love her and protect her. She'll mean the world to me. I think she's supposed to be arriving today, actually. I can't wait!"

Awe! He would be the best brother in the world. I wonder what my family will be like... Will they be as amazing as this guy here?

Does she have a name? 

"Yea, her names Genesis. Great name if you ask me." he says shrugging.

I however wasn't calm at all. My name is unique, and I'd like to keep it for myself, thank you very much.

What a coincidence. That's my name.

"G-Genesis Parker?" He stutters, with a shocked look on his face.

How the hell did this kid know my-


The pieces were finally coming together. He was my foster brother, I was his foster sister.

I nod carefully, and he wraps his arms around my small, and petite frame.

I am not sure what I'm supposed to do, so I awkwardly hug him with one arm.


"Sorry its just. I can't believe its you." He whispers into my hair. Normally, I would be uncomfortable, but the things he said about protecting me made me feel like I could be myself around him. I felt as If I should trust him, that I should let him in. I take a deep breath, and try to speak to him, but no words come out, just a strangled muffle sound.

"Its okay, you don't have to talk right now. Talk when you're ready. I'll wait." He says pulling away from the hug.

My eyes go wide for a while. He is amazing. He said he'll protect me, and that he won't pressure me into things. I officially love this guy. You know, in a...Sisterly way.

I take a deep breath and try to speak again. "Thanks." I cover my mouth, and his eyes widen. I talked to someone. My voice sounded hoarse and dry, but I still talked to an actual human.

"Y-You talked-" He says smiling.

"Y-You're t-the first person w-who's ever h-heard my v-voice." I try to say, but it sounds muffled and strange. So I can't do full sentences.

His smile spreads from ear to ear, and he pulls me into him. I lay my head on his shoulder and drift off to sleep.


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