The Irresistible Jerk

Genesis was warned to stay away from Harry. She knew he was trouble but she knew there was a softer side to him, not just his bad boy reputation. He was dangerous, threatening, but he cared. Harry wasn't exactly the type she usually went for but he wouldn't stay away. She was his and there was no way of escaping. But he was just an irresistible jerk.



This story is all over the place, but there'll be a good storyline soon. Promise.

I haven't updated in a while, and by a while I mean two years. Im looking over the content I wrote and I don't know if I want to continue or not. I was 13 when I wrote this and my writing style has changed so much since then. 

I've been busy with school, and other personal things, but you can definitely expect an update tonight. After that, I'm not sure. If I get at least one more like on this book then I will continue.

Thanks to the people that "Liked" this, and commented on it. 

I appreciate it very much :)

Like I said, I'll update tonight, (the chapter is being written as you're reading this) and I hope you have a great day! :) ♥ xx



Love always,

Liyah :) ♥ xx

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