Mia is a insecure sophomore who is starting off in a new high school on a rough start. Dealing with self harm, insecurities, and her fighting parents.

But she meets a senior named Harry. Harry styles. But Harry has many problems of his own.. And he is dangerous.

What will happen when both world's come together?


4. chapter 4

The smell of coffee and eggs had woken me up along with my alarm. I check my phone to see it what time it was. 6:00am.

Dreading it, I get it the shower knowing what today is.

I see Sophia in her bedroom, doing her hair in the mirror as I step out of the bathroom with only a white towel around my small body.

"Sophomore year. Aren't you exited?" She asked, looking at me through the mirror.

"What do you think?" I mumbled.

With my mom away and my step dad somewhere I don't know, and a new school? I really don't know if I can do this. I mean, My best friend is the only one I know at this school and she's a junior.


I finally finished getting ready and eating with some time to spare. It was only 7:45am. School doesn't start until 8:30am.

My choice of clothing was quite simple. Some black, ripped skinny jeans with a red flannel and a white tank top. I put a gray beanie over my natural long straight hair to top it off.


"I guess we only have one class together" Sophia said looking disappointed.

"Well I'm gonna go.." I said walking off to my first period.

"Have fun, love!" She yelled across the hallway to get my attention.

I turned around to wave back while walking. I didn't notice how stupid I was before I bumped into a tall figure with dark clothes.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" I yelled as I bent down to grab my books and sunglasses I had been wearing.

I was on my knees at his feet for a bit before I sat up and realized how wrong this situation had looked.

"I'm a Fucking idiot." I mumbled to myself.

"Hey, you're not an idiot." His deep British accent gave me chills throughout my body.

His two fingers lightly lifted my chin for my eyes to connect with his.

His mouth opened but no words had come out. My blue eyes got lost in his beautiful green ones.

"You're the girl." He said with a smirk.

"The girl at the party."

My eyes widened a bit. I never forgot that night. But with everything going on, it was in the back of my mind.

"Are you new?" He asked, getting up and holding out his hand for me to take.

"Yeah.. I'm a sophomore.." I hesitated, grabbing his hand to get up.

"I'm a senior."

Oh my god.

"By the way, I'm Harry."


"I'll see you after school, Mia." He winked.

He turned and walked away into a different hallway.


The bell went off for the last time today. The first day of school was finally over.

I followed all of the other students and walked outside of the front doors. There were so many people it looked like a huge ant pile that just got stepped on.

I reached for my phone in my back pocket of my skinny jeans but couldn't find it.

"What the hell?!" I screamed.

"Looking for this?"

I turned around to see Harry holding my iphone in his hands with a smirk on his lips.

"Oh.. Thanks." I said brushing my long hair behind my ear.

I gave him a quick smile and turned to look for Sophia. I guess we could have planned to meet up somewhere.

"Looking for someone?"

Harry was still standing behind me.

"Yeah. My friend is supposed to give me a ride." I said still looking in the distance.

"I could give you a ride, love."

"It's alright.. I think I can find her."

I pulled out my phone and dialed Sophia.

"Where are you?" I asked

"I'm on the side of the school waiting."

I hung up the phone and started walking to where she had told me.

"How was your day?" She said as I stepped in.

"It was alright. I'm just tired." I said as I ran my fingers through my hair.

We got to the house and as soon as we did, I had no hesitation to pry off my skinny jeans and put on a big t shirt.

"Well then. Comfortable yet?" She laughed.

"I'm sorry! I couldn't breath with those jeans!"

"Haha I feel you girl."

I jumped onto the couch and turned on the tv. Before I even looked at the screen, I pulled out my phone to check my messages. I had one from a number I didn't recognize.

"Nice bum. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. x -H"

My eyes widened in the thought of him touching my ass while grabbing my phone out of my pocket.

He must have texted himself from my phone to get my number.


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