Mia is a insecure sophomore who is starting off in a new high school on a rough start. Dealing with self harm, insecurities, and her fighting parents.

But she meets a senior named Harry. Harry styles. But Harry has many problems of his own.. And he is dangerous.

What will happen when both world's come together?


1. chapter 1

I squint my eyes trying to block out the light creeping through my windows. "Agh" I groan burring my face into the white pillow.

"Good Morning, love" I hear my mum say from the kitchen as I walk down the stairs to see her with two cups of tea on the table.

"Come sit." She smiles.

"Morning, mum" I say as I take little sips of the hot tea.

I pull out my phone to check twitter, emails, Instagram and such. Right at I set it down, it vibrates. It's a text from Sophia. I slide the screen to unlock it and check what it says.

"How about a girls night out, tonight? x "

My thumbs twirling before placing them on the keyboard to type;

"I don't know. What plans?"

I'm not a fan of going outside of the house much. I'm not known as a social person as well. Through out my life I've long had two friends. Never had my first kiss. Nor a first boyfriend. I guess you could say I only go out if my parents fighting gets really bad..

"It's a surprise. I'll pick you up at 8."

I guess I had no choice.

I finish my cup of tea and walk over to the sink to place my floral mug on the side. My mum still drinking hers.

I run up stairs to get ready for an unplanned day. I grab my outfit for the day and bring them into the shower.

Not knowing where we are going tonight, I just put on what I would be comfortable with. Black skinny jeans, white V neck t shirt, and a flannel around my waist with some white converse.

I let my hair dry. Naturally, my hair is pretty much straight. Hints of waves when not brushed after being wet.

I through it up in a messy bun not caring what it looked like. I avoided the mirror while walking out if my room only because I knew that I didn't look good. With cuts all up my arms, how would I?

It was about 7:30pm and I wondered how time flew by so fast..

I waited in the living room, watching a bit of the Telly before I herd the door bell ring.

"MIA!" Sophia yells as she hugs me causing me to squint my eyes shut from the loudness in my ear.

Her breath on my neck while hugging me reminded me of how much I missed her. We Haven't been together in a while. The smell of her perfume and shampoo filled my nose as I smiled letting go of the hug.

"Sophie, I missed you!"

I grabbed my keys and we headed out the door.

Before I could even remember to ask where we were going, Sophia handed me a dress.

"I knew you were going to dress like that. So I got you that. You can change at my flat." She said with a smirk.

Hearing that, I knew she picked me up early so I could get ready at her place. I'm guessing we were going to a club.

As we get to her flat, she twists the key inside of the doorknob to unlock it and I go straight to the bathroom to change.

A smile stretched across her face as I walked out in the little black dress she had given me. I had my arms wrapped across my chest in embarrassment. I look disgusting in my point of view.

"You look stunning, love." She says to me as she unwraps my arms.

I smile a bit but it doesn't last long as I look in the mirror.

"Let me do your hair." She says as she sits me down and turns on the curling wand. After a bit, she starts grabbing bits of hair and curling them.

"So Aren't you going to tell me where we're going?" I said as I look at my phone, not making eye contact.

"You'll see." I could hear in her voice that she was smiling.

"All done! Go ahead and look."

I step down and place my feet on the soft carpet and walk over to the body mirror. I stand there for a minute. Admiring every detail. I actually felt pretty for once..

"Alright! Let's go!" She said as she grabbed my hand and tugged me out the door after I grabbed a pair of flats.

We get to a big building and I before I even opened the door, I could hear pounding music in the background.

"Well tonight will be fun.." I thought to myself.

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