Paige infinty..

This 15 year old, Paige, has troubles when her and her boyfriend, Jacob, start expecting at a young age!!


6. Chapter 6: terrible 9's..

Emma was now nine and becoming a little dramatic.. Jacob had to work in the days, and Emma went to school, so I would either stay home and clean or go out and enjoy myself.. I was cleaning at home one day then I get a call from the school saying Emma had punched a boy named, Blake. When Jacob got home I told him the news. "Honey today at school Emma punched a boy named Blake Hemmings.. It was known that Blake went around saying Emma liked him, which made her mad." I said looking at Jacob. "That's not acceptable, Emm's has no right to be acting like that, I don't know what's gotten into her, but it's not gonna fly." He said angrily. Later on when Emma got home we sat her down and had a talk with her. "Emma Lane, You have no reason to be punching little boys, just because your mad.. I don't accept that, you know I love you and only want what's best, and that's not it.. So me and your mom have decided your grounded, No tv for two weeks and also no friends over for three weeks." Jacob said sternly. "Okay" Emma said sobbingly and went to her room. "That was easier than I thought." Jacob said laughing, I join in with him. But the thought of punishing my daughter was making me feel upset, but I'm just gonna have to learn to punish her.

Another short one.. But thanks for reading so far! Never wrote anything so, this is a first! (:

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