Paige infinty..

This 15 year old, Paige, has troubles when her and her boyfriend, Jacob, start expecting at a young age!!


4. Chapter 4: Here comes the baby

So Jacob gets home and I tell him about the baby, he didn't take the news very well, but he managed it.. I wasn't taking the news very well either, I cried everyday, I felt like this was my fault, but Jacob would remind me everyday that it wasn't, which made me feel a little better.. Then on April 5, 2014, my water broke.. Jacob rushed me to the hospital, and I was going into labor. "One more push honey!" The nurses kept yelling.. I was sweating and screaming, I thought I was gonna die, I never knew it would hurt so much. "It's okay Paige, keep pushing!" Jacob kept yelling. "I see the head, push one more time!" The nurse said. So then, I pushed as hard as I could and then out came the most beautiful baby I ever laid eyes on.. So they cleaned her up and gave her to me. "Hi beautiful baby" I said and kissed her on the forehead, then I hand her to Jacob and he starts crying, which makes me smile with my heart beating so fast. "You are so beautiful.." Jacob said to her. "What's her name gonna be?" I said to Jacob, "How about Emma?" Emma Lane Forse.. I loved it..


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