Paige infinty..

This 15 year old, Paige, has troubles when her and her boyfriend, Jacob, start expecting at a young age!!


1. Chapter 1: It only begins

I wake up beside my boyfriend Jacob, who seems to be in a deep sleep.. Then as I look up I start feeling sick, so I run to the bathroom and sit beside the toilet and then shortly after, begin to start vomiting. "Babe, you okay?" Jacob shouts loudly. "Yeah I'm fine." I say as I walk out of the bathroom, "I just got a little sick, that's all." I say quietly. "Paige, you've been throwing up every morning now, are you sure your okay?" Jacob says. "Oh my goodness, yes!" I shout at him. I think to myself, "Oh, why did I just do that?".

"I'm sorry Jacob, I don't know why I yelled at you." I say sobbingly. "Hey, do you think there's a chance you might be, you know, pregnant?" Jacob says. "I haven't really thought about it, maybe I am." I say in a worried tone. "I'm gonna run to the store and get you a pregnancy test." Jacob says, "I'll be back." He says as he walks out the door. "I'm only 15, if I go to school with a big tummy, everyone will know.." I think as I sob unto the palms of my hands. Just then, "Paige! I'm back." Jacob says. I quickly take them from his hand and head to the bathroom. A while after I check back on them and it says, +.. I look at the test and start sobbing, I mean of course I wanted a baby, but not now! "What did it say?" Jacob says staring at me. "It said.. Negative." I say looking back at the wall. "Oh okay, well that's good.. What a relief." Jacob says calmly. "Yeah" I say back with a sigh. I didn't want to tell Jacob I was pregnant, he's only 17 and this will make his life turn way around, and I don't want to put him through that, I know what I have to do. "Mom?" I say as my mother answers, "Yes, sweetie, what is it?" She says happily. "I'm pregnant, I know your gonna be disappointed, but I'm sorry it just happened." I say sobbing into the phone. "Oh honey, I understand, it's okay don't cry." She says calmly. A few minutes after talking to my mother she tells me how I should tell Jacob, which was some really good tips.. My mom was a teen mom too, so she knows the pressure. "Hey babe, I'm gonna go bowling with Mike tonight, wanna come? Vanessa's going." Jacob says quickly. "No, honey, I think I'll stay here." I say looking at Jacob's shoes. "Oh okay." He says, "I'll be back in a while." He says as he kisses my forehead and walks out the door.

How was I ever gonna tell him?

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