Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)

The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'.
She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably.
She id the one, that will always him, and always love him. They may not know that they love him, but deep down they do.
The criminals can and will do everything too get their mate.

The worst of them all is Justin Drew Bieber, and everybody know not to touch or hurt whatever that is his.

Find out how and who he claims as his Mate in 'Claimed by the worst'


23. †Kapitel 21†

Ayannas Pov

The girls and i was on our way out of the market with all of our candy and stuff. "Soo any ideas on what movies we should watch" I asked, as i unlocked my car. "How about the twilight saga" Caroline said, turning to us other. "Thats a go" I said, nodding. "How about also magic mike" I said, winking at the girls, making them giggle. "How about hell to the yes" Jennifer said, making me laugh. I went inside the car with all the other girls amd we drove of to my house.

"Mom, dad. You home" I yelled, through the house as we went inside. "Nope, they are gone for the weekend" I heard Toby said, making me jump in surprise. "Hey Anna, we're going home and getting our stuff be back later" Caroline yelled from outside. "Okay see ya later babes" I yelled, at them. "What are you doin later" He asked, making a face. "They are comming over for a sleepover, for the weekend" I said, taking our stuff out to the kitchen where stefan was. "Hey bro" I said, winking at him. "Hey" He said, smiling at me. "What is up with all the stuff" He asked, going over and helping me unpack. "Im having some friends over and we're having a sleepover all weekend" I said, smiling. "Sounds, nice" He said.

"Yea. I was thinking we could be in our movie room" I said. "Sure" Toby said. "Alright then" I said. I heard my phone ring, do i pulled it up from my pocket. "Hello" I said, into the phone, without looking at the called id. "Hey babygirl"  I heard Justin say in the other end of the phone. "Heey, whats up" I said, as i through the last paperbag out. "Not much. Just missed you"  He said, making me smile. "We saw eachother at school Jay, not so long ago" I said, giggling. "It is baby" He said, and i laughed a bit. "Yea yea. Look i gotta go babe, i'll see you on monday"  I said. "MONDAY!?!"  He yelled. "Yea, monday. The girls and i are having a sleepover all weekende, no guys"  I said. "Fiiinnee. I'll see ya on monday babygirl. I love you"  He said. "Love you too babe"  I said, hanging up.

I went out and grabbed my bag and then went up to my room. I grabbed my laptop and made myself comfterble in my bed. I open it and pressed the on button and the typed in my pasword. I went into spotify and played my fave list. I got off my bed and went on my knees at my bed, so i could get the duvets i had there, there was about 3.  I took them and went out of my room and went into the movieroom, and through then on the matress there was on the floors. I went over to stefans room and knocked. "Come in" I heard him say. "Hey do you mind if i take your extra duvets" I asked. "Na, go ahead n take them" He said. I went over to his walkincloset and found 2 duvets.

I walked out of his room and went pass the movie room throwing them in there. I went inside my own room, and heard that the music was still playing.  I grabbed my mac and went into the movie room, i plugged it to the big screen. I paused the music and closed spotify. I looked around to see if anything was missing, which there werent.

I heard the doorbell and i heard Toby yell, that he got it, I went downstairs anyways. I saw the girls at the door, and i smiled softly. "Hey girls" I said, and went down to the door. "Toby go away" I said, looking at him. "Whatever sis. Dont make to much noise. And im going out later, but i'll come in amd say it" He said, and the walked away. "Soo i thought that you might have duvets and stuff like that, so we just brought our own pillows" Caroline said. "Thats fine" I said, smiling.

"Cmon the movie room is upstairs" I said. The girls grabbed their stuff and followed me. We went pass my room do they could drop their bags there instead of in the movie room. "I love your room" Jennifer said, looking around my room. "Thanks" I said, smiling. "Cmon" I said, amd lead them to the movie room. "Omg, this room is cool  i wish we had one" Caroline said, looking around. "Yea, im like it too. Its nice to have when you have company" I said, grinning at her.  "Okay so i have popcorntimd on my mac, so i was thinking that we just could use that. But since i have the twilight saga on dvd, we're just using those" I said, pointing at my mac.

"Thats fine" Caroline said. "Soo. I was thinking we could make some cake or something, and order some pizza, and take some candy, and then watch the movies with it all" I said, smiling at them. "Good idea" Sophie said. "Good then. Lets go down to the kitchen" I said. I unplugged my mac from the tv and took it with me down to the kitchen.

"Alright if you girls find some music on my computer then i'll find the stuff we need, since you guys dont know whetr it is" I said. "I'll help anyways" Caroline said, shrugging a bit. "Okay. If you go iver to fridge and take the stuff we need there. Then i'll get the dry dtuff" I said. She nodded and went over to the fridge. I went over to one of our cabins and got flavor, sugar, vanila sugar, bakingsoda and coco. I went in over candy cabin and grabbed some chocolade. I put it where caroline put her stuff. I went into another cabin and grabbed some bowls, nd the our handmixer. "Alright girls lets get started" I said, smiling.

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