Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)

The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'.
She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably.
She id the one, that will always him, and always love him. They may not know that they love him, but deep down they do.
The criminals can and will do everything too get their mate.

The worst of them all is Justin Drew Bieber, and everybody know not to touch or hurt whatever that is his.

Find out how and who he claims as his Mate in 'Claimed by the worst'


17. †Chapter 17†

~~Ayanns POV

We arrived at the mall shortly after. "Okay soo which store first" I asked, and stepped out of the car. "Hmm, how about h&m" Caroline said, stepping out of the car aswell. "Sure" I said, and we started making our way towards the mall, stopping at the entering waiting for the girls, that came shortly after. I saw them walking towards us, making me smile. "Hey girls" I said, making them smile back. We walked inside the mall, getting ready to invade it all.

We sarted at h&m, where i just bought some boyfriend jeans, and some shirts. After we moved on to a shoe shop, where there was an offer, called take 3 pay for 2. Soo i took a pair of black pumps, black vans and some nike running shoes. After we all payed for our shos, we went over to a new shop, where i also bought some clothes, and so we went on and on.

My phone beep, indicating i got a text. I looked and saw it was from Justin. 'Hey baby, you wanna sleep at my place tonight? xx' it said, making me smile. 'Sure, i'll text you when im driving from home xx' I answered. First time sleeping together, wow. "Anna, you comming" I heard caroline ask. "Yeah, it was just Justin who wrote a text" I said, smiling just by the mention of his name.

"Oh, what did he write" She asked, sitting down at what i could see was startbucks. "He just asked if i wanna sleep at his place tonight, and i said yes" I answered, smilijng at her. "First sleepover, huh" She said, wiggling her eyebrows up n down in a creepy way, making me giggle at er. "Yeeaa" I said, blushng a bit, making them all aww at me.

"Is there gonna be any funny buisness tonight, if you know what i mean" She asked, doing that thing with her eyebrows, making us all laugh. "I dont know, maybe, maybe not" I said, with red cheeks. "Aww, girls we got us a virgin here" She sad, making them all gasp. "Whats wrong with that" I asked. "Nothing, its sweet that ur saving ur self for him" Jennifer said, smiling at me.

"Okay soo, lets actullay go into starbucks and get some, instead of sitting out here" I said, laughing a bit. We gathered all of our bags of clothes and stuff, and walked into starbucks. We found a booth and sat there. A not ugly looing waiter came over to us, ready to tak our ordder.

"Hell girls, what can i get you today" He said, smiling charmingly at us. "Can i have you" Caroline sadi boldly, making the rest of us laugh. "Maybe" He said winking at her. " I'll have you and a strawberry smoothie with 2 blueberry scones" She said, and after came Jennifer with her order, and then sophie, then jackie, then clara, then melanie, then jennifer, and then it was my turn. "I'll have a strawberry smoothi, with 2 chocolate scones please" I said. I always ordered that. "Comming right up" He said, smiling while walking away.

"Im gonna go up and get his number" Caroline said, standing up, makin gher way over to him. "Go for it tiger" I said, giggling. "Sooo, any of you guys found your mates" I asked. "I have mine, its one of Justin's members, he's name is caleb" Jennifer said, smiling. "Cool, i didnt knew he had a mate" I said. "I havent found my mate yet" said the rest. "Dont worry, you girls will fing him soon, your gorgeous" I said, winking at them.

"I got his number girls" Caroline said, smiling. "Nice done" I sadi, smiling. A phone rang, and since we almost all had an iphone, we all checked. It turned out that it was William. "Hey willy, whats up" I said, into the phone. "Hey anna, just missed ya babes" He said, making me smile. "Aww, missed you too willy" I said. "And tony misses your, and i quote, 'Your perfect face, that lights up his world whenever your around'" He said, making me laugh. Tony is my gay friend, with a big G.

"Aww, is he with you" I asked. "There you go girls" I heard the waiter say, making me look up and smiled saying 'thank you'. "Yea he is, who was that" He asked, shuffling slightly. "Ohh, som girls and i are in at the mall, in starbucks" I said, taking a sip of my smoothie. "Oh, cool. TOONNYYY" I heard him, yell making me pul the phone away from me ear a bit.

"Who you talking to anna" Caroline asked, taking some of her scones. "My bestie, william" I said, smiling. "Is he hot" Jackie said, making us all laugh. "Of course im hot" I heard willy, say cockly. "Yea he's alright" I said, teasingly. "Alright? IM ALRIGHT?! Im more than alright anna" He said. "what william" i heard tony's voice say in the backgroun. "I someone on the phone, that i think you wanna talk to" Willy said.

"Hello" I heard tony's voice say. "Hii tony, been missing me" I said, taking a bite of my scone. "Can i taste anna" Sophie asked, making me nod smiling. "You can take this one" I said, giving her the rest of the one i have been taking a bite of.

"OH MY GOOD, IS IT YOU ANNA?! I FUCKING MISS YOU BABE" He yelled. "Aww tony, i missed you too" I said, smiling, and taking som of my smoothie. "What are you doin" He asked. "Im at the mall, so i actullay have to go now, buut i love you" i said. "Aww, okay. I'll call, at another time babes, love you. Bye" He said. "Bye" I said, hanging up.

"So who was that" Caroline asked. "2 of my bestfriends" I said, smiling taking some more of my smoothie. "Well, is this william singe"  Jackie said smiling. "Na, his mate is my bestie, sorry babes" I said. "Its fine" She said, smiling at me. "Good" I said. "Okay soo where to next" I asked, looking at the girls. I looked at caroline who was now smirking. "Victoria secrets baby" She said-

Oh boy...

Hey lovelies. Sorry if its been awhile, Im a little busy with christmas presents and stuff, plus its also soon my birthday soo <3 :))

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