Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)

The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'.
She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably.
She id the one, that will always him, and always love him. They may not know that they love him, but deep down they do.
The criminals can and will do everything too get their mate.

The worst of them all is Justin Drew Bieber, and everybody know not to touch or hurt whatever that is his.

Find out how and who he claims as his Mate in 'Claimed by the worst'


12. †Chapter 12†

Ayannas POV

Justin just left, again. I went into the livingroom where toby and caleb was sitting playing fifa. I rolled my eyes at my football-possesed brothers. "When does mom come hone" I asked, they turned their heads over to me, caleb just shugged and continued playing. "Mom texted me saying she'll be home in 15 min" Toby said, without taking his eyes of the screen. 

"And when was that" I asked, and just as i said that, the frontdoor open. "Im home" I heard my mom call out. "Thank god, mom im starwing" I said, going out, helping her caring the grocerybags out in the kitchen. "Im starting cooking now. Wanna help sweetie" She asked, emptying one of the bags. "Sure" I said, throwing her a smile. 

"What are we haing" I asked, putting some of the things we dont need, like cereal in the cabins. "We're having steaks withh some potatos and salad. Your dads choise" Shes adi, rolling her eyes whn she sadi dads choise. My dad adored having a good nice steak, and since it was his turn to pick what we are having for dinner toninght, he of course picked that. 

"Do mind cutting the salad" She asked, putting a steak on the now warm pan. "Sure" I said, shrugging. I went over to the fridge and got out, what i needed. I went over and found a cutting board, and a knife. 

"So, how are things beetween Justin and you" My mom asked being the curious person she is. "Things are going really well. He told me he loved me today" I said, blushing a bit. "Aww, how sweet. I remember when your dad told me he loved me, it was like 2 days after we met" She said, dreamly. 

"When did you move in with him" I asked, taking a piece of pebber. "Hm, if it were up to your father i would have moved in with hhim, the day we met. But that wasent gonna happen, your gradnparents was very protective when it came to her daughters. But i think about a week after" She said, flipping the steaks on the pan. "Why" She said. 

"Justin says, that as soon as im ready and you and dad are letting me im moving in with him" I said, cutting the last pebber, and putting it in the bowl, where there already was salad. "Hm, you me and your dad just want you to be happy, but im not ready yet to lat my little girl loosse" She said, winking at me, making me smile. 

"I'll tell him that tomorro in school" I said, grabbing, some corn and putting them in it. "You do that. BOOYS" She yelled. I grabbed the cucumber, adn started cutting that. "What have we done" I heard caleb say. I turned arounnd to see both caleb and toby standing there. 

"Nothing, i just want you guys to set the table" She said, shrugging, putting some more steaks on the pan. I heard the boys muttering things while getting the things to set the table. I bitted down on my lip, to stifle the laugh that was about to escape. 

"Your down with the salad hunny" She asked, putting the last steak on the plate, and taking the potatoes of the stove. "Yea" I said. I grabbed the bowl and wnt into our dinning room, where the boys was, setting the table, i put the bowl down, and then went out in the kitchen again. 

I took the plate with the steaks and went into the dinning room again. I saw my dad comming inside the room, making me smile. "Hi daddy" I said, smiling big. "Hey princess" He said, pecking my cheek. Yea i know a reall´daddy's girl. 

My mom came in, setting the potatos down. "Hard day at work hunny" My mom said, running a hand through my dads hair, making him close his eyes in content. I smiled, thinking about how Justin loves that. "Ayanna, go get the sauce please" She said, sitting down. 

You see we all had our own seat. My dad always at the and, mom and me on the otherside, and caleb and toby on the other. I got the sauce and then went into the others again. I sat down and start taking some food, as did the others. 

 After dinner, i went up to my room since, calbe and toby was helping clearng out the table. I closed my door to my room and then i just stood there. I really liked my room. With my big double bed. in the middle, my desk where i usally do my homework. My view in my room was out to our pool. And where there was suppose to be a windowsill, there was a sort of couch with pillows and some blackets. I usally sit there and do my homework, when i dont wanna do it at my desk. The 3 doors i have, where one lead to my wal-in-closet, another to my bathroom, and the last one out in our hall. 

I went over to my desk and grabbed my macbook and my iphone. I went over to my bed, and put the stuff there. I went out to my bathroom, and took my clothes off, and then put my pj on. Which just was a big tshirt. I throught my clothes in the hamper, and then i went into my bed. 

I snuggle under the covers, and then i put my mac on my lap and started it. I grabbd my phone, to chack for any text which there wasent, only a snapchat from Justin. I went into snapchat, and i think i start droling at the pic. It said 'goodnight kitten, i love you. I screenshooted it and then answered.

I took a selfie, and wrote a caption. "Night jus, love you too xx". I sent it waiting for a respond. Instead of a snap, i got a text from him. 'i see you screenshooted me, huh babe' It said, making me blush. Another one came up. 'Let me guess, your blushing? ;)" Which just made me blush even more. 

'Tshh, nooo" I wrote. He answered. 'You aarree babygirl, dont deny it ;) Anyways im picking you up for school tomorrow. Sweet dreams kitten xx" It said. 'shush... kk, sleep tight' I wrote, and then i putteed my phone in the charger. I realisd i havent even used my mac, and i was too tired to use it now, so i just closed it, and went over to my desk and putted it in the charger. I went over to my bed and snuggled, and let the sleep comsume me. 

I jut wrote this whole chapter on an hour :O Anyways just a filler. I hop you like the snapchat photo ;) <33 

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