My Boyfriend the WereWolf

I wanted to try something new. Let me know how it is and if I should continue.
My name is Jasmine Midnight I'm twenty years old and I'm dating Jason. He is the alpha male of a pack. I know what you're thinking. Pack? He is a werewolf.


2. Chapter 1

Jason's POV

I've been dating Molly for a year and a half. She's my everything. She is not a werewolf though. Which a lot of my pack mates hate the fact that she isn't one. I do still mate with the females in my pack. Yes, Molly knows does she care? Yes, but I've told her I have to reproduce and I can't reproduce with her. Well, I guess I could but I heard nasty stories about werewolves mating with humans. Let's just say those stories didn't go well for the Mother nor the child.


It was around midnight and Molly was supposed to get home around 11.And she hasn't called me to tell me she's home. So I go into wolf mode and run full speed to her house and go into invisibility mode to check to see if she's okay. I open her window and see her sleeping forum on the bed. 

Molly's POV

It was around midnight when Jason decided it was a good idea to come through my window with his invisibility on.

"Molly.You awake?" He whispers I look over and see his form start to show in the darkness.

"Yes 'm awake." I say my voice laced with sleep. 

"You were supposed to call me when you made it home." He says back sitting on the end of the bed.

"I know I'm sorry I fell asleep." I say sitting up in indian style.Looking at him with my hazel eyes.

" It's okay I was just worried about you." Jason says standing near the window his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Will you stay the night? My parents are out for the night and I don't want to be alone." I ask him with pleading eyes. In case you are wondering we have never "mated" we only kiss and occasionally we'd do more but we'd stop before we got to far.

"Yes I'll stay." Jason says grabbing the bottom of his shirt and lifting it over his head. My eyes automatically scan down his abdomen to his V-Line.  He puts his shirt on the chest near the end of my bed. Smirking at me and drops his right eye in a wink. I chuckle and go back under the sheets. Waiting on his warm figure to join me so we can share his werewolf warmth. I feel the bed dip when he moves the sheets so he can join me. I realize that he's just in his boxers. My legs instantly entangle themselves with his. His muscular arm wraps around my waist and his other arm goes underneath my head. I join my hand with his around my waist. Just as I'm about to close my eyes I feel him press a kiss to the base of my neck. And he whispers "GoodNight Princess." And as soon as those words leave his mouth I fall into a deep slumber.


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