Societal Gripes

A short collection of poems (some previously published, some new) having to do with current issues in society. Specifically created for Salamasunny's competition.


9. Insignificance

You ever feel small,

a tiny speck,

so useless,

so worthless,

just nothing at all?


You ever feel the insignificance

of your short little life,

of the mundane,

the boring,

things of no consequence?


You ever feel the despair

that you’ll never be able

to change a thing,

to do a deed,

that matters anywhere?


You ever feel the weight 

pressing upon you,

to help,

to aid,

to make the pain abate?


You ever feel lost in the world,

a place you should know,

lost in violence,

lost in corruption,

the evils unfurled?


You ever feel inadequate

always trying, never managing

to make a difference,

to change a thing,

to make the fighting quit?


You ever want to stop the earth,

stop it in its tracks,

to get off,

to say goodbye,

to the place of your birth?


You ever feel like running away,

and travel far and wide

to join a cause,

to help the poor

or maybe save the day?


But these are dreams and nothing more;

what can we really do?

Someone young,

dependent, still,

can’t run away to help the poor.


And so we wait, day by day,

for the opportunity to come.

For us to help,

for us to matter,

but instead waste away.

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