Societal Gripes

A short collection of poems (some previously published, some new) having to do with current issues in society. Specifically created for Salamasunny's competition.


1. Ignorance

You can't be bothered to do your homework,

that doesn’t make you cool.

You doodle obscenities in your textbook,

you’re nothing but a fool.


Let me explain just what I think,

take from it what you will.

This society and generation 

are spiraling downhill.


Text speak is the language now,

swear words punctuate.

To proper spelling and grammar,

people can’t relate.


It’s becoming cool to slack and skip,

the future not given a thought.

It’s becoming cool to dress and act,

as someone that you’re not.


The blatant ignorance is appalling,

world news right over their heads.

Would a world war breaking out,

even rouse them from their beds?


Young people think that politics

are nothing but a bore.

Let the country destroy itself,

let it go to war.


They think it doesn’t effect them, 

that they’re immune to the hurt,

Perhaps they’ll realize their error

when they’re groveling in the dirt.


Wake up, society, and realize

that this world was built to last.

We’ve got to make it work 

like they have in the past.


We can’t keep ignoring

or turning a blind eye,

We can’t keep assuring

that the world isn’t a lie.


This generation of the young and new

must find it in them to care.

They must step up and take action

to curb the ignorance out there.


Open your eyes and see the hurt,

the suffering around,

look around and see the people

media hasn’t found.


There’s an ebola epidemic,

did you even know?

You complained about the news-banner

that interrupted your favorite show.


Thousands die from parasitic worms,

but that’s too far removed for you.

I’m sure you’d think differently,

looking from their point of view.


Don’t look quite so surprised,

this is the world you don’t see.

I seem to have damaged your ignorance,

I pray you’ll forgive me.

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