I won't have a abortion!

I had sex with Harry Styles,I'm glad I met Ashton irwin before I had a abortion,my name is Elise.

This is a book about how abortion affects the world.


2. Because

Harrys p.o.v.


She's sits on the couch without a care in the world we both know she needs to get a abortion but she won't I don't know why.


"ELISE LISTEN TO ME!"I yell. "WE I CAN'T HAVE A CHILD WHILE I'M ON TOUR FOR FUCK SAKES WE DON'T EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER HARDLY!"I yell pacing in front of her,she swallows a sip of her soda Coca-Cola,and looks at me dead in the eyes and stands up.

"THEN WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME AND THIS CHILD I WOULD RATHER HAVE THAT THEN YOUR LAZY ASS TAKING CARE OF OUR CHILD!"she  yells then seeing a car pull in. "And perfect timing nust leave with your friends."she says and points out the window where the boys are getting out of the car and I see 5 seconds of summer with them also.


"ELISE I WANT TO BE WITH OUR CHILD,I DON'T WANT TO BE OUT OF IT'S LIFE IT NEEDS A FATHER AND MOTHER!" I yell hoping the boys won't here us fighting,she walks up to her room and slams it right as I here the doorbell.


I walk over to the door to answer it and I see the faces surprised,I supposed they heard the yelling, I let the in and point them to the living room the run out of the room up the stairs to her bedroom door.



Elise's p.o.v.



I sit there holding my pillow on my bed sobbing into the pillow,and I here the doorbell ring and I know who it is but I know Harry will answer it, I rock back and forth taking in mind of abortion but I know how murderous it is their human beings still,so I drop the thought I hear Harry climbing up the stairs and hear breathing out side of my bedroom door.



"Elise,please open the door and come down stairs and meet the boys."I don't answer and I hear him breath. "Please Elise come down right now we can fight later." I sigh and get up and look in my mirror and I wipe my eyes and I open the door and I look at him.


"I will meet them."I say and walk down stairs trying to recover and I see them in the living room whispering to each other probably wondering whats going on.



I get down there,and look and them and I whisper."Hey."and I put my arms in front of my stomach so they don't see my bump.


"Hello I'm Ashton Irwin."Says the Australian blondish brownish with the strong accent and black skinny jeans and ripped shirt,and he stands up and takes my hand and kisses the back of it."And this is Luke,Michael well Mikey,Niall,Zayn,Liam,Calum,and you obviously met Harry."he says with a glistening in his eye with a small smile,god Elise don't fall for another band member or after this child is born you'll be pregnant again.

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