3 Brothers, 1 Girl

I sat there crying. Suicide and hate was the only thing on my mind. Why did the Styles family have to hurt me? I love them all. Edward:so that he can protect me, Harry: to love me, and Marcel: to make me laugh. But they all screwed up. I hate and love them all at the same time. What do I do? Maybe I should leave... leave the world... Forever. Goodbye styles family.


1. Crystal

               Harry's pov

I woke up and went downstairs to find my brother Edward eating a bowl of cereal and grinning.  I went to go get some milk for my cereal since that's all we had to eat. I opened the fridge. I got out the milk carton and got my cereal. I poured my cereal and opened the milk. "I hate you Edward" I said as I threw away the empty milk carton. My brother Marcel ( the1st born) walked downstairs in a sweater vest and a bow tie. His glasses on his nose. " Hello my younger brothers. Did Edward take the last of the milk again?" he asked looking at my face. I nodded. "I`'ll go get more. Marcel do you want me to drop you off at school today?" Edward asked. Marcel nodded. I was surprised to see Edward act so nice to Marcel. I got in my car and drove to school. After I got my things from my locker I heard people laughing. I turned to see my older brother Marcel covered in mud and dirt. He walked up to me tears brimming his eyes. " I got to the car and Edward drove away. He also broke my glasses after you left. I walked to school. My backpack is at home so I have to use the old and dirty ones."  I felt bad for my brother. Edward was the youngest of the three of us. He had millions of tattoos and piercings in his lip and tongue. I had a few tattoos and no piercings. Marcel had no tattoos or piercings. Even though we all look the same we are the exact opposites. Marcel was a genius and got all A`s. I was smart but had a C average. And of course Edward had always failed all of his classes. Marcel walked to the bathroom to wash off when I heard the intercom go off. " Harry Styles please go to the office. Harry Styles please go to the office ." I walked slowly to the office as people whispered about the new season of the x factor. It doesn't come out for another 4 months. I entered the office as the bell rang. "Mr. Styles you can go right on in."  the ugly office lady said. I walked into Mrs. Johnson's office. There was a girl in there talking with her. " Mr. Styles can you please show miss Crystal around the school she has all the same classes as you so she knows someone. Now hurry before Mrs. Channings gets mad at you." she said. We walked out of the office. 


C: hi I'm Crystal.Crystal Dawnings. I just moved here from Spokane Washington.and let me tell you Seattle is a very weird place.

So she hasn't come from that far away.

H: yeah it is a strange place.I've lived here my whole life with my two brothers Marcel and Edward. Marcel is sweet and kind of a dork.and Edward...stay away from Edward. He likes to crush people and break their hearts. I'm Harry by the way.Harry styles.

We talked until we reached Mrs. Channings classroom. The rest of the morning went by pretty fast. Before I knew it the lunch bell rang. "Can I sit with you at lunch?" Crystal asked me. I moved trying to stay cool but on the inside I imagined what it would be like to kiss her pretty pink lips. It to stroke her beautiful brown hair with sea foam green tips. It just too look into her gorgeous brown eyes. We walked to the lunch room and I sat down with my for friends. Actually the feel more like my brothers. " Crystal this is Liam, Louis,Zayn, and Niall." They waved to her and she waved back. Oh how perfect she is.


Hey guys this is hplover78 or Braceface. I know my movellas suck but I promise they will get better.please like and comment and if you write books to them maybe even comment the name below and I will read them. And also please FAVORITE.

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