3 Brothers, 1 Girl

I sat there crying. Suicide and hate was the only thing on my mind. Why did the Styles family have to hurt me? I love them all. Edward:so that he can protect me, Harry: to love me, and Marcel: to make me laugh. But they all screwed up. I hate and love them all at the same time. What do I do? Maybe I should leave... leave the world... Forever. Goodbye styles family.


5. chapter 5

Nialls pov

Everything was black. I tried opening my eyes but they were just too heavy. I heard a faint cry. I. Listened as hard as I could. "Niall I promise everything will be okay. I don't want you to leave. You are the best boyfriend anyone could ask for..... I love you." she started crying again. I had to do it... for Crystal. I gathered up the rest of my strength and to my disbelief I opened my eyes. "I love you too baby." She grabbed my face in her hands and kissed me. We stood there together just forehead to forehead. "If you don't mind me asking what happened?" she looked scared. "Umm some random guy tried to mug me and I started to fight back so he called for backup and like 5 guys came at me all at once." hey I didn't tell her the truth but I technically didn't lie to her either. We sat there and talked.



Zayn's pov

I decided to do it. I wrote out the note.

Dear family and friends,

I know you will  be crying by the end of this and I'm so so sorry. I love you all. Harry-you make me smile and i love you curls. Liam- daddy I will miss you so much. but I need you to let go. Louis- you were like the best wingman ever. i'll miss you buddy. Niall- keep Crystal safe. Love ya man. Crystal- I love you more than life itself. but seeing you with Niall breaks me. Goodbye my Angel.


                                ~Zayn Malik

I was crying. I said goodbye to one more thing.... life. I stood at my balcony. I looked out to Seattle. Beautiful. I took one last look and......


I jumped.

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