Taken Away

perrie has gotten older and moved on my from niall but when happens when niall comes back and she runs away with him.Will he protect her or will they get her first to make him give up a precious item he had taken a long time ago
Read to find out!


1. 1. Mystery Guy

A/N i know Perrie and zayn are engaged but in my story

I heard rustling behind a tree "Who's There?" I said walking slowly towards the tree"Guess Who Princess" he said walking out from behind the tree.His diamond blue eyes and and blonde hair popping out from his black hoodie

*Dream Ends*

I woke up to feel something cold on me I jumped out of bed and looked at Liam he quickly ran out of my room "Liam you are so dead!" I yelled chasing him down the hall. I eventually caught him and sat on top of him "what the hell Perrie how much do you weight?" he said trying to get away "120 why?" I said looking at him "because your light as fuck" he said as he pushed me off. I tumbled backwards and looked at Liam "you hurt me liam" I said pretending to cry "I'm sorry are you ok?" he said rushing over to me I smirked and pushed him backwards "revenge is sweet " I said and with that

I ran out of the house into a flower field I looked around me to see different color flowers I layed down on the flowers and giggle as i felt the stems tickle me .I looked to my side to see a forest i got up slowly to see to see a dark figure watching me.I quickly walked back to the house and looked out the window,I then felt strong hands snake around my waist I looked behind me to see Liam chuckling "it's not funny" I said kissing him on cheek "yes it is" he kissed my lips and went to make tea and some pancakes as I watched him I noticed how strong he looked I giggled to myself and went to take a shower

*skip shower *

As I stepped out my shower I saw a note on my bed I picked it up it said " I saw you in the flower field your just as beautiful as I remember Princess - N

I looked out the window as tears formed in my eyes "it's not possible I thought he-" I cryed with joy and smiled I put some clothes on ,I went out of my room to see Liam setting up the food on my plate I quickly ate and left to go back to the flower field i looked at the same tree to see the dark figure "Niall?" I said walking closer"its good to see you again princess " he said taking off his hood to see his blonde Hair and diamond blue eyes .I ran up to him and hugged him tight "i missed you so much" I said crying on his shoulder "I missed you too"he said wrapping his arms around me " to be honest you looked kinda creepy just standing there" I said looking up at him he chuckled and kissed my forehead "Niall I have a-" before I could finish...

Cliffhanger lol sorry for that vote,comment and like this book if you want me to continue also I will be updating soon ~Jade

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