A Girl + A Boy = Love

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First book (this book): A Girl + A Boy = Love
Second book: A Girl + A Boy = Betrayal
Third book: A Girl + A Boy = Heartbreak
Fourth book (last book): A Girl + A Boy = Suicide


15. #15

Chapter 15:


    Jake is leaning against my locker at the end of the day. I smile and try to push him out of the way.
"Oh my gosh!" I exclaim while trying to push him. He chuckles and moves out of the way of my locker. I put in my combination and he looks at the binders in my locker. He grabs my English binder and opens my notebook to my essay.
"Your essay was amazing." Jake says and I snatch my stuff out of his hands.

"Thanks." I say and put my binder back in my locker.
"You should write more." Jake says and I scoff.

"That was just a one time thing." I say and shut my locker after I grab my phone.

"You should though, it was really good." Jake says as we walk out the doors, "And talking about your essay, who is the guy you're in love with?" Jake asks and I stop to look him in the eye.

"What are you talking about?" I ask and he chuckles.

"In your essay you said 'I see the stars whenever I think of him', so who is it?" Jake asks, raising one eyebrow.

"I don't love anyone." I lie and continue walking.
"Blake, stop that." Jake says and steps right in front of me.
"Stop what?" I ask innocently.

"Stop lying to me. I know you. I know when you're lying." Jake says sternly, his warm breath on my face.

"I'm not lying." I say and Jake takes a deep breath, his breath tickling my face as he exhales.

"Blake?" Jake says.
"Yeah?" I say as I look up into his bright blue eyes.

"Let's go to my house." Jake says and grabs my hand. He backs away and turns. We start walking and I take a deep breath. Holy sh*t, he's hot!


   We get to Jake's house and we walk inside. Josh is laying on the couch with a blanket over himself. I give Jake a questionable look and Jake gestures towards the bucket next to Josh. That gave me my answer, Josh is sick. We tiptoe pass Josh because he's sleeping and we go up to Jake's room. I sit down on Jake's bed and he puts my hand in his.
"I think I may know who your essay is about." Jake says as he gets closer to me.
"Who do you think it is?" I ask and Jake chuckles.

"Does this answer your question?" Jake asks before grabbing my face in his hands and smashing his lips against mine. A few seconds later, he pulls away and I just stare at him.
"Well, does it?" Jake asks and I laugh.
"Yes." I say and Jake gives me a peck on the cheek. I can't believe this is happening.


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(A/N: This chapter was kind of stupid but whatever.)

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