A Girl + A Boy = Love

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First book (this book): A Girl + A Boy = Love
Second book: A Girl + A Boy = Betrayal
Third book: A Girl + A Boy = Heartbreak
Fourth book (last book): A Girl + A Boy = Suicide


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Chapter 1:


   As I look up at the paint-splattered ceiling I remember the day Jake came over and helped me paint my room. I look at the walls and remember him messily slapping the paint brush all over as I neatly put the paint on the wall. That was two weeks before now, the day before the first day of being seniors. I know I should be picking out my first-day-of-school outfit but I have no clue what to wear. Should I wear a skirt or a dress? It's a tradition for the senior girls in the school to wear either a dress or a skirt the first week of school, which is luckily, only 3 days.  I have lots of skirts but only three dresses that aren't meant for dances.


   As I get off my bed and make my way over to my closet I can hear my mother's boring voice in my head saying, "You should have your clothes picked out already!" I look at my skirts and my dresses. I choose between a navy, knee-lengthen, floral laced dress with a brown belt and a leopard, knee-lengthen dress with a black belt. I choose the navy dress with brown heeled booties.


   I fold my clothes and put them in the drawer of my bedside table. I then put my shoes beside my bedside table. My phone rings and Jake's face appears on my phone. I pick up my phone and answer his call.


ME: Yeah it's me.

JAKE: Hey! Can you come over?

ME: Why? What's up?

JAKE: Nothing. I just need a favor.

ME: Knowing you we're going to get into trouble and I don't need that going into my senior year. I need to keep it clean for college.

JAKE: How dare you think that?! I just need a little favor.

ME: Fine. I'll be over in about 10 minutes.

JAKE: Bring about twenty-five bucks.

ME: Wait wha-


   Jake hangs up before I can finish my sentence. Just like him to do that. He's going to get me in a bunch of trouble.


   I grab my black purse and pull my wallet out of it. I take all the fifty bucks in my wallet. I take twenty-five out and put the rest back in. I put my purse back on my bed and stick all the money in my back pocket. I look at myself in the full body mirror on my door before I leave. My outfit consists of a white sports bra, a white see-through button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, dark navy shorts, a brown belt, a brown dream-catcher necklace, and brown sandals. I open my door and starts hopping down the stairs when I hear my sister tsking me. I ignore her because she knows I'm going to Jake's. She thinks we're doing naughty things because he's the hottest guy in school but we're just friends.


\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ AUTHOR'S NOTE!!! \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/


(A/N: So this is a brand new book that I am determined to actually update a lot. With this book, I'll probably update three or four...or two times a week. It all depends on how much homework and studying I have to do since now I'm back in school. I am so sorry that I haven't updated any of my books in such a very long time. I really am sorry but I've been busy with school shopping, and now with school, I'll only be on like three times a week so that's when I'm going to be updating this book and maybe other ones, I don't know yet. I really like this book. I think I have really good ideas and I think this one might actually get more chapters than 22 chapters like the last one. In this book the girl Blake isn't like the other girls in my other books. In my other books the girls are always tomboyish and swaggy but this time she's more girly but still has a tomboy side. Alright well I'm gonna end this because it's probably really boring but I promise I'm going to update this book more often than the other books I have. I hope you like this book so far. Comment if you like it and tell me if you want me to update three or four times a week. Thanks for reading if you read the whole thing so bye!)

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