Moving On

Emily is a normal girl, she is going to collage and she lives her life, but one day she meets a man, and all she can do is fall in love but being the girlfriend of a alienfighting superhero isn't all as it cracks up to be


5. Tony... just... no

Emily, Tony and Allison had a conversation about cheese on the way to SHIELD. "Have you heard of blue cheese? It smells." Tony states as he tells a story about how he dropped the cheese and it killed his cat. "Right..." Allison says as she gestures to Emily that he is crazy. "Here we are." Tony says as he walks to a plain brick wall. " This isn't Harry Potter, we can't just run through the wall." Allison yells as she glares at Emily.

"You can if there is a door." Tony knocked on the wall 4 times and a park of the wall opened up, like a door. "I trust him." Emily says as she walks to Tony and kisses him on the lips. "Yuck." Allison spat as she walked through the door. "What is with her and love?" Tony laughs. 


Inside, agents were running around. "Hello Mr.Stark, do these ladies have privileges?" a round faced agent said. "Yes, this lady and the love hater do." Tony smirked and put his arm around Emily. The agent nodded and walked away. Tony grabbed Emily's arm and pulled her toward a long hallway. "This is the Avenger hallway, we get our own bathroom, offices and I get my own pool." Tony rambles on and on.

"Yeah, we get it, you are spoiled, can we meet the Avengers now." Allison snapped." God, she isn't in the mood." he whispered into Emily's ear. He pushed a big yellow button and the doors opened. "Ladies first." 

"GO!" Black Widow yelled as Agent Barton and Captain America were arm wrestling. Barton slammed Captain America's arm down. The Black Widow and Barton cheered.The both walked out to get food. Captain America stood up. "Tony, are those your kids?" Tony rolled his eyes. "hmm, lets see, last time you had a girlfriend, you froze like a capsicle and she probably dated a good looking guy."

He walked right to Tony and punched him in the face. Emily and Allison backed away. "You want to go old man?" Tony said as he swung at Cap. " Yeah, but first, kiss your kids goodnight." Cap swung at Tony. "STOP!" Emily screams. She stood between them. Cap still stood in punching position. "You couldn't hit a girl." Tony yelled. "Well I hit you haven't I?" Cap yelled back. Tony snapped and pushed Emily aside. He punched Cap in the nose. Cap kicked Tony in the groan and he crumpled to the ground. Tony held to Cap's foot and pulled his foot from under him. Cap fell. "Stop!" Emily screamed again. Cap and Tony got back up. "Who the h_ll are you?" Cap yelled to Emily. "Don't yell at her!" Tony yelled to Cap. "I am Emily, and if you don't shut up I will smack you." Cap crossed his arms

" You can't slap me, do you know who I am?"

"A a-hole." Allison answered, while she was playing Angry Birds.

" Wow, I could have not said it any better Ally." Emily smiled

"You have no right to talk to me like that." Cap yelled at Emily

"She said it, not me." Emily yelled back

"I don't care!" Cap yelled louder.

They yelled for 30 minutes til Barton came back in. "Woah Woah. What is going on?" 

Before anyone could answer, Steve slapped Emily.

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