Moving On

Emily is a normal girl, she is going to collage and she lives her life, but one day she meets a man, and all she can do is fall in love but being the girlfriend of a alienfighting superhero isn't all as it cracks up to be


9. The Memorial

"We are here today, to mourn over the death of Emily.J.Colman." the man says. Everyone starts crying. Allison stands in the back sobbing quietly. "I am so sorry for your loss." Steve says as he hands Allison a tissue. "Thanks." She chokes.

"BOOM!" Everyone turns to see Loki standing 45 feet away. He walks slowly. Very slow. "Is this true?" he chokes. Nobody says a word. "I said- IS THIS TRUE!?!" he yells. Everyone nods. He rubs his eyes and walks over to the open coffin. He silently whispered " My dearest Emily, if only I could have said goodbye." Tony walks up also to the coffin. "Why are you here, moose." His eyes were tearing up but he didn't want to show Loki. "Because, I loved her." he snapped back. ( oh snap)

"Excuse me?" Tony got closer to Loki. "Yes, and she loved me." He walked closer to Tony. "I dated her." Tony got right to his face. "So did I." Loki spat in Tony's face. Tony was taken aback. "What?" 

"Yes, I broke up with her and I really wish I didn't."

"I am so sorry, Loki." Tony says nicely. 


                    ~After they buried her.~

Loki walks up to her gravestone. He places a boutique of tiger lillys on her grave. " You were my best friend, my girlfriend and a sister to me, even though your friends didn't approve I loved you with all my heart and you loved me. I own you the truth, after breaking your heart and never saying goodbye, before you di-di-died." He choked out. " I broke up with you to keep Laufey from killing you, and I failed." He started to cry.

"Emily I am so so sorry. Please, " he started to ball.He grabbed a pen and paper out and wrote a note he set it under his flowers. His eyes were flooding. "Rest in Peace my love and you will forever live in my heart." He kissed the grave stone. He stood up. He was about to walk away when he remembered how much Emily loved his helmet. He pulled the helmet off and also set it on her grave. " I love you." He then walked off. 



The note read:


Here is a poem for my one and only:


Left you behind without a goodbye

Then here is your grave, where you lie

I loved you so much, and I still do

Why he killed you? I have no clue

Emily my dearest, my only one

I loved you so much, I loved you a ton.

~ Loki. ( who I thought was your one and only)

p.s I am happy you moved on, I was hoping you wouldn't, so one day I could come back and you would be waiting for me. 

I never thought It would be like this. 







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