Moving On

Emily is a normal girl, she is going to collage and she lives her life, but one day she meets a man, and all she can do is fall in love but being the girlfriend of a alienfighting superhero isn't all as it cracks up to be


4. Romantic Breakfast

Emily quietly slips through the door. She tip toes to her room. Her night with Tony was fun but she knew Allison was mad. She turned her light on. She changed and climbed into bed.She knew her fight with Allison wasn't going to last long, just give her 2 weeks and Allison is fine. She was hoping this would be the same, but Allison was....unpredictable. She closed her eyes and just images of Tony came into her head. His smile, his big brown eyes and his impeccable laugh. She loved him and she just didn't know how, she was just a collage girl, what did he see in her? But she didn't care, she loved him and he loved her.



Emily slowly opened her eyes, her room was dark. She looked to her window to see the rain pouring down the window. She rolled out of bed, she just fell onto the floor. "ugh!" she groaned. "DOOO WEEEE OOOOH!" she heard. She knew Allison was watching Doctor Who. This was the perfect time to make up with Allison. She pushed herself up and then she walked into the living room. "I should have stayed home!" the girl on the tv said as she hung from a building. "Want any coco?" Emily asked as she pulled 2 mugs out of the cabinet. "No." she said rudely. Emily shrugged and put the other mug away. Beep. Emily grabbed her phone out of her pj pocket. 

From: Tony

Want to go out to breakfast? Bring your little friend. Maybe she likes pancakes. 


Can't, she is mad at me and she won't talk.I am going to talk to her, maybe later. Sorry


Then I will bring it to you

Emily smiled and brought her coco to the couch next to Allison.

"Have class today?" Emily asked Allison

Allison shook her head. "Fun." Emily said awkwardly.

"Knock Knock!"  Emily jumped up and she ran to the door. She pulled it open to see Tony standing with 2 bags. "Breakfast for 3?" She laughed and let him in.

Allison didn't even bother looking at the door and continued watching Doctor Who.

"This must be your friend." Tony set the bags on the table. Allison shut the tv off and walked to her room. "Where you going?I brought you pancakes." Tony said as he pulled the food out. "I don't like them." Allison yells back as she slams her door. Tony shrugged and sat down. "You know what would be a good thing to do, is take her to SHEILD. She would love that I bet." Tony said as he started chewing his pancakes. Emily sat down with a bright face. "Wait, you can do that, for me, and her." Tony nodded. Emily knew this would make Ally happy. Ally loved a adventure. Emily jumped up, kissed Tony on the cheek and she ran to Allison's room. "KNOCK KNOCK!" "What?" 

"You like a adventure?"




"Yes, you now, the Avengers base place."

"I am no avenger"

"I have access"


"Uhh, a friend."

"You mean breakfast boy."


"Fine but only if I get to meet the Avengers."


"I will be out in a minute."

Emily skipped down the hallway.

Tony had set up 3 plates, each set up like a romantic dinner.

"Fancy." Emily says as she sits next to Tony

"Romantic." he says as he kisses Emily's cheek

"Gross." Allison said as she walked into the room.

"Eat your pancakes." Tony said as he drank from his cup.

"Okay daddy." Allison sits down and starts to eat

"Ok, so to SHEILD we go." Emily cheered. She felt good, she is dating the hottest guy in NYC, she made up with her bff and she is going to SHEILD.


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